About Me


Hello! I’m Stephanie Couch (Stevie), I’m Mum to two teenagers Fin born in 2004, and Harley born in 2006. The boys and I live with my long suffering and incredibly patient partner Simon.


Suffering that has included me giving him food poisoning … it was years ago and I am sure at some point in the distant future he’ll stop reminding me about it and double checking that I’ve used a meat thermometer when cooking for him. I promise my cooking has improved since then! Si is slightly DIY mad and a welder by trade, which means he can pretty much turn his hand to anything, as seen in some of his previous DIY projects like our kitchen, our bedroom and the especially impressive box room.


We are all very lucky to live in the gorgeous county where we were born – Cornwall. I know that’s pretty obvious with my blog name. None of us have ever lived anywhere else and I personally hope it always stays that way.


Excuse the old photo, I will get around to updating it at some point! Both the boys are now taller than me, so this one is a tiny bit out of date, but they look so cute and small x


I started the A Cornish Mum blog in January 2015 and I write about pretty much anything under the sun! Parenting, lifestyle, Type 1 Diabetes, Cornwall, Travel and DIY. but if it interests me then it is likely to crop up. Homeschooling has recently been added to our list of subjects mentioned on the blog, as one of the boys is now homeschooled by me.


You are likely to see a lot of jealousy inducing photos of Cornwall on my blog, and I would request that you try not to hate me too much for this, and the fact that my children have lie-ins. If it makes you feel any better, they’re both impossible to wake up for school and one of them wakes like a bear with a sore head – growling included.


Beach sunrise Charlestown


As I’ve said above, my blog covers most subjects – including Type 1 Diabetes as my eldest son has lived with this since he was 5 years old. Type 1 isn’t always an easy beast to tame and try and live with, but we’re determined that he’ll live as ‘normal’ a life as possible and Type 1 won’t win.


We are always happy to work with brands, so long as they fit well with our family and accept that I always disclose. You can visit my Work with Me page for more information on how we can work together.


I also write two other sites, one to be announced soon when I launch it and the other is A Home In Cornwall, which is a very newly launched site.




You can contact Stevie (Stephanie Couch) via email at and you will also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.


Stevie x