Cornwall Days Out – Land’s End


One of my favourite places to visit is Land’s End. We have been there so many times, but I never tire of going. It would be hard to get bored with the views there, as it really could not be in a more stunning location.


Land's End in Cornwall


It’s a fantastic spot to watch the sun set and my header image on my blog was actually taken there. For those who have no idea what the image is of, it’s the Longships lighthouse. It was taken on a night when we were there with friends to watch the fireworks and it always makes me smile looking at it.


I love it when photographs are also good memories.


Longships Lighthouse


They have fireworks down at Land’s End twice weekly usually during the summer and we always try to go at least once to watch them. The displays are always really good and easy to see despite the fact that people really do flock down there to watch them. If you ever do go there for the fireworks, then it’s best to head down around tea time, as the people just visiting for the day leave around then and make space in the car park.


On fireworks nights most things there are usually open late, so you can still make the most of it even if you can’t get there for the daytime as well. A sunset followed by fireworks down at Land’s End really is one of those special evenings that are hard to beat. Si took the photograph below at one of the fireworks evenings there a few years ago.


Fireworks at Land's End


For some strange reason we don’t usually go into most parts of the attraction, we tend to go for food, walks and the views. However last Summer, we tried them all out and had a lot of fun. If you are local, then you can actually apply for a local’s pass and receive free parking there and 50% off the attraction entrance prices.


If you aren’t going into the attractions, then this means you can actually visit for free as there is no charge otherwise. Their cafe and outside takeaway have most definitely had plenty of money from us over the years whilst we’ve used our pass. The attractions aren’t open all year, but you can still enjoy Land’s End itself in between.


Beautiful Land's End Cornwall


In the summer I was so glad that we tried the attractions out again – I think the last time was several years ago when they had a Doctor Who attraction that made one of the boys cry, as a Dalek rose up in front of them. The Doctor Who experience was great for fans like us though regardless.


We went into the 4D cinema there last time, which was the first visit for any of us and it was fantastic. The best 4D experience I have been into. With a Lost World dinosaur theme, it was so much better than I expected. I won’t ruin it by saying exactly what happens on the ‘ride’, but I will say that you will most definitely get wet, maybe keep your coat on.


The seats also move slightly violently at times, so just bear this in mind if you have a young child who may scare easily. Aside from the 4D cinema, our other favourite attraction was the Shaun the Sheep experience. There are different interactive characters as you walk around. Some who move or make noises, some who just look cute and fun.


Shaun the sheep fun at Land's End in Cornwall


Shaun the sheep at Land's End in Cornwall


There was also a big section where you could see models and watch films to see how Shaun the Sheep was made. It’s really interesting and there were pieces of paper and pencils there when we went, for people to have a go at their own tracings and drawings. There was a large model on the way out of Land’s End with lots of Shaun the Sheep figures on.


It was so cleverly made and fascinating to look at. I have only shown you a little bit below, as it is one of the parts of Land’s End that I don’t want to ruin for you, by showing you before you visit if you haven’t already. Seriously, how cute is this?! Lamb’s End …


Shaun the Sheep at Land's End


The other attractions there include Greeb Farm, which does have animals in, but isn’t especially large. Fascinating though to think it has been there for 200 or so years and some of the animals were very cute. It isn’t a huge attraction though and I’m not sure we’ll worry about going in there again. Small children would most likely enjoy it though for the animals.


The boys really enjoyed Arthur’s Quest when we were at Land’s End. They loved walking around inside of it looking for the correct stamps for their booklets to complete their quests and find the dragon’s lair. There were lots of smiling and laughing children as we went around, so it definitely wasn’t just our two who loved it. Inside were lots of interactive bits to keep children amused.


Arthur's Quest Land's End


They have made it really atmospheric in there and it is definitely worth a visit with children. Land’s End also has a few lovely shops, including clothing that I am always tempted by. Especially when it’s colder than expected down there – wear layers if you go or at least prepare for all eventualities as that sea wind can really send a chill through you.


Land’s End has a big children’s play area as well, a bar area, miniature house and probably something else I’m forgetting … feel free to comment below if I’ve missed anything! There is something for people of all ages and lots of events through the year.


There is even a hotel, which is on my bucket list to stay in at some point, hopefully in a room overlooking the sea. A meal in the restaurant and then going to sleep in a room where you can hear and see the sea in one of the most beautiful places in the country, sounds like heaven to me.


As much as we enjoyed the attractions in the summer,  Land’s End will always be about the walks, the wild sea and the stunning views over anything else for me – well the food and fireworks get a look in too.


Land's End sea view


I just love how rugged it is down there, anything that grows there has to be really tough and the wind can really wake you up and refresh you. You can make the walk along the coast slightly to Sennen as well, which is a gorgeous little place with a nice beach.


Honestly, if you haven’t been to Land’s End yet then do it!


If you’re looking for more places to go in Cornwall, I have a post with over 100 places to go in Cornwall, one with things to do in Cornwall when it’s raining and another with places to go in Cornwall all year.


Stevie x


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  1. 22 February 2017 / 3:14 pm

    I haven’t been since I was a little girl. I really want to take my girls there, I think it will have to be next year now. I can’t believe there is so much to do and to see the fireworks would be amazing. x

    • 22 February 2017 / 10:02 pm

      It really is such a beautiful place and perfect for children of all ages. The fireworks are always good too!

      Stevie x

  2. Laurie
    23 February 2017 / 7:01 am

    I’m on my way to Cornwall in March! Not sure what the weather will be like but I’m looking forward to investigating the place. There are certainly some impressive views here. x

    • 23 February 2017 / 10:41 am

      It really is stunning there and I’ll cross my fingers that you bring the sunshine with you.

      Stevie x

  3. 25 February 2017 / 11:27 pm

    This looks like such a beautiful place Stevie, it’s quite iconic too and I’ve never been, I really feel like I should! Hopefully this year we’ll make it to Cornwall at least for a few days.

    • 26 February 2017 / 12:20 am

      It’s truly one of my favourite places, it’s a big enough place to rarely feel crowded despite how many go there and there are some beautiful walks around the coast there. Looking forward to getting there again soon :)

      Stevie x