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Cornwall Hour Tweet up at the Carlyon Bay Hotel Golf Club

Every week on a Wednesday from 7.30pm til 8.30pm I join in on a Twitter chat hour online called Cornwall Hour (#cornwallhour). I can’t actually tell you how long I’ve been doing this, as it feels like forever in a good way. There are a lot of businesses that chat, some bloggers and some ‘normal’ people who all are lucky enough to have Cornwall in common.

On Tuesday I finally got to meet a lot of the people I chat to every week, and catch up with some such as Tony from Gravitas who I have met before. The first time I met him I thanked him for not being a serial killer as I’d only met him online before …luckily Tony took it as a compliment!

There’s always a lot of laughter and a certain amount of cheek that happens on Cornwall Hour and the Tweet up (meet up to normal people) was no different really. The Tweet up took place at the beautiful Carlyon Bay Hotel Golf Club, which is part of the Carlyon Bay Hotel in St Austell.

The Carlyon Bay people were lovely enough to provide their venue for free and even gave us lots of delicious looking nibbles and a glass of the best cider I have ever tasted! It was sparkling vintage cider from Fowey Valley Cider, which I have already decided I need for Christmas Day this year…and may need to sample some more of before the day.

This is the view from just outside Carlyon Bay Hotel Golf Club…

Carlyon Bay Hotel Golf Club View

I would have taken some more photos, but I was restricted to standing on their lovely patio area, as high heels and golf courses really don’t mix unless you want a lot of irate golfers! However, if you watch the video below from the Carlyon Bay Hotel’s website, you can see just how stunning the location and venue are.

The hotel itself is beautiful on the opposite side of the road to the golf club, and is one of those places I’ve always wanted to stay despite how close to home it is (five minutes away), I really may have to take Si for a romantic night of luxury there at some point.

Anyway enough drooling over the hotel and golf club, and back to the Tweet up. Due to so many people on Twitter having non personal photos as their profile picture, the hardest part of the evening was trying to work out exactly who each person was.

Tony was the only person I had met before, and also the reason I had sore feet at the end of the night as I had to wear heels since he’s so tall and I didn’t want to look like a comedy sidekick whilst I chatted to him. He’s also the reason there was a photo of me on Twitter the next day with my tongue stuck out, I may forgive him one day.

I got to meet some of my lovely Cornwall Hour friends who I chat to the most during the evening including Sarah from Excitabauble (also known as Mrs Baubles), the VIBs (very important bears) who do great charity work with their HP (Human Person) Jude by selling calendars of their lovely selves, and Tattysquawk who I only got to see briefly as we didn’t recognise each other and she thought the lovely Taor from Leopard Print was me – I definitely take that as a compliment.

Tweet up

I even had to collect an award on the evening – not for me. Cornwall Hour were doing awards for those that have done a lot for their community, or a lot to promote their community, and I had to nominate Brandon Si’s nephew. He’s only 15 but has done so much charity fundraising work for Children’s Hospice Southwest already, and is the one who organised the Minion Fun Run that we’re off to do as a family tomorrow.

The whole family is really proud of him, and I was happy to collect the award for him on the evening even if I did have a panicky moment where my heels seemed to want to get stuck in my handbag strap and I was pretty sure I was about to embarrass myself.

There were some very deserving winners of the other awards, and the organiser Sue should really have had one herself! She has her own business doing amazing things with pressed flowers, as well as other commitments and runs Cornwall Hour on Twitter in her ‘spare’ time, and is the reason I have gotten to know so many lovely local people and businesses that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I had a nice chat with the manager of Carlyon Bay Hotel Peter Brennan at the tweet up, and he was lovely and has been at the hotel for over 30 years! I was also pleased to meet Kathy who is the one who chats with us through the Carlyon Bay Hotel’s twitter account during Cornwall Hour, she was a real credit to the hotel.

Peter got to meet the VIBs as did Tony, by the way I made poor Tony crouch for the photo below as I couldn’t get his head and the lovely Jude both in easily when he was stood up straight.

Peter Brennan - Jude and Tony

I’m hoping there will be another Cornwall Hour Tweet up in the future, as there are still so many people I’d love to meet from there and several I only got to meet right at the end of the evening, which was a definite shame.

I had a lovely evening with thanks to everyone including Sue who worked to organise it, and to the Carlyon Bay Hotel for the venue and spectacular view (and cider!).

Stevie x


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