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Cornwall Walks – Pentewan

I always feel very lucky to live in Cornwall, and love the fact that there are so many scenic places to walk and enjoy. We do go for walks as a family a lot, but sometimes I like to have a peaceful stroll on my own with just my thoughts. One of my favourite places to walk is Pentewan.

This walk is actually along the Pentewan trail near St Austell. I usually park in a big layby on the way to Pentewan village, and join the trail there. There is some parking at this point, but it does get busy especially in the summer time, as it’s very popular with families, cyclists and dog walkers alike.


I find walking a great stress reliever, and if I’m in a real mood or experiencing ‘angry little person syndrome’ as Si likes to call it, going for a long walk and especially to the beach always helps. If I’m lacking inspiration for my blog, a walk always seems to work to clear my head and inspire me.

The beauty of the Pentewan trail, is that you can walk along it and reach the beach at Pentewan at the end. This means that you not only get to walk along a lovely river and through the woods, but also at the beach. This is my ideal combination.

Pentewan Trail

You can actually make it a longer walk by starting your walk from London Apprentice, or you can even start from Pentewan and work your way to London Apprentice. It’s quite a long walk, but well worth it.

At one point you can even walk across a bridge and head to Heligan (or on to Mevagissey if you’re really keen for a work out) if you wish. The boys love it at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, although we’ve never walked it as it is quite far!

The Lost Garden of Heligan

The beauty of a walk at Pentewan or London Apprentice is that you can choose how hard a walk, or hike you’d like. At the London Apprentice side, you can either walk on the flat all the way til you meet the Pentewan part of the trail, or you can head uphill more in to the ‘proper’ woods. The view from up here is lovely in places, and you can definitely challenge your calf muscles with some of the hills!

London Apprentice

In the holiday months (and possibly more often, so its worth a check) there is a cycle hire place open at the Pentewan side of the trail, so even if you’re on holiday and haven’t brought your bikes it needn’t stop you, if you fancy a ride.

Pentewan itself is a very picturesque village, with lots of old cottages and just a few shops so it’s very quaint and doesn’t look to have been ‘ruined’ much by modern life.

There’s a pub there that I keep wanting to eat at and I’m sure we will one day called the Ship Inn. The smell from this place is always a real tease, it especially was when I used to end my runs in Pentewan. Just as well I never carry money when running, as it may have defeated the object.


The boys love it on the beach there, and have great fun playing in the river no matter how cold it is! I went with Harley’s school year on a walk along the whole stretch of the trail that ended at the beach a couple of weeks ago, and loads of them were paddling then as well.

Pentewan is a brilliant free place to have fun, to go for a long walk/ride/run and have a very cold paddle at the end. It’s one of my favourite places, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too if you go. If you aren’t sure how to get there, then pop to the Clay Trails website, which explains it a lot better than I can – I’m notoriously bad at directions!

Have you ever been there?

Stevie x


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