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How to Create Magic For Your Kids This Christmas

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Are you running out of inspiration for filling your family Christmas with that seasonal magic we all love? Get ready to deck the halls and spread festive cheer for all to hear – here are some top tips for creating magic for your kids this Christmas.


Father Christmas


Get Them Excited For Santa

One of the most magical parts of Christmas is seeing the excitement on the little ones faces as they prepare for Santa to arrive. There are loads of things you can do here to create some festive magic.


Making ‘reindeer dust’ is a cheap and easy way to turn ordinary items into magic. You can use anything that you have in your cupboards – think oats, smashed up granola, or even spices (anything remotely powdery works!) and combine with biodegradable glitter. Ask your kids to sprinkle the reindeer dust around the house outside to guide Santa’s sleigh to you.


Another fun thing to try is creating Santa’s footprints inside and outside your home. If we’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, pop your wellies on and create some footprints out in the snow. Inside, grab some icing sugar and sprinkle around the edges of your shoes to create ‘Santa’s footpath’ through your home.


Take Them on a Magical Trip

Try taking your kids on a magical adventure this festive season. If they are the right age, ice skating is the perfect winter wonderland where they can zip around on skates and enjoy a hot chocolate to warm up afterwards.


Or now that the new Fantastic Beasts film is out, why not embrace the wizarding world this festive season? Always a winner with the kids and sure to get their imaginations soaring! You may also get some present inspo for filling those stockings this year.


You could always take them to a Santa’s grotto near you too, where they can meet Santa himself and even get a fun little gift before Christmas day!


Introduce Them to Elf on the Shelf

Introduce your kids this December to the Elf on the Shelf – a friendly little elf that Santa has sent from the North Pole to check whether they have been naughty or nice. Each night, the elf reports back to Santa on his findings from the day and returns the next morning. The fun here is to hide the elf in different places around the house so the kids can do a little hunt to find him each morning. It will create a buzz and excitement every morning leading up to Christmas!


Elf on the shelf

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