The Danger of Believing Everything You Read Online


I have seen so many people who I think of as vaguely sensible intelligent people, sharing absolute rubbish online as fact.


The danger of believing everything you read online


People who read a story online and immediately share it with all their friends telling them ‘OMG don’t eat this anymore’, ‘oh I never knew that this was true!’ The stories that they are sharing are from sites that are very obviously ‘fake news’ websites.


There are so many of them around, from articles about how to ‘cure your Type 1 Diabetes (picture me with my middle finger up to the screen reading that one) to scare mongering about how this sort of food causes cancer or cures cancer.


Honestly I have no idea what all these scientists are doing researching how to cure currently incurable illnesses and conditions, when Sandra down the road has found an article online telling her how to do it with little more than a spoonful of honey and a disgusting tasting ridiculously expensive aloe vera drink every day.


Don’t bother telling Sandra it’s fake though as she’ll most like de-friend you, or say that you aren’t a scientist like the man on the Heebie Jeebie Cures For All site where she found the post. Actually scrap that, tell her before fifty of her friends share the same post across their social media.


It is actually quite scary how much fake news so many people seem to believe and quote on social media and sometimes just who shares and believes it.


The fake news and fake cures (grrr growl etc etc) are worrying and frustrating enough, but the posts with requests to pray for ‘Ben who has such and such illness’ with a photo of ‘Ben’ attached are even worse. 99.9% of the time this ‘Ben’ isn’t called Ben, doesn’t want your prayers and doesn’t have the disease or illness that they claim he has.


Nor does ‘Sally’ want your prayers or for you to share her photo far and wide because she is disabled and doesn’t have any friends. The photo being shared around of the dog with ham on his head, who is supposedly a victim of a fire shows just how gullible people are, as I have seen sooo many people who weirdly think it’s real. I think or rather hope that the post was set up originally ironically to prove how much some people blindly believe what they see online.


People stealing other people’s photos online for fake prayers and sympathy or worse fake charity posts is rife, as is stealing people’s photos to use as a meme. Next time you go to share one of those with a ‘funny’ photo of an actual person on them, just think would you be happy if people were sharing a photo of you around as a meme because they found your appearance or your weight humorous?!


I wouldn’t usually link to The Sun, but this post on their site says it all about how cruel these memes can be.


The way that some arses use the Internet is why I don’t tend to put photos up of my children very often at all, I try to keep their lives pretty private and they aren’t allowed public social media accounts, only private.


Basically this rant of a post is just to remind people to take things you read on the internet with a pinch of salt, be sceptical and maybe hesitate for a second longer before clicking share on absolute fake trash stories or sharing a cruel meme.


Stevie x



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  1. 12 September 2018 / 11:38 pm

    Couldn’t agree more! So many people share this kind of crap. A (admitted rather na├»ve) relative of mine shared the Ham On Face Dog post recently and had to gently explain that it was fake news. Don’t ever get me started on the ‘health’ posts Lisa x

    • 12 September 2018 / 11:44 pm

      The ham on the dog post is actually hilarious, I can’t believe how many people have fallen for it and I do cringe a little for people when I see others have to inform them that it’s actually ham… x