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Date Nights at Home and Micro-Dating

Date Nights at Home and Micro-Dating With Legal and General


When you have children it isn’t always easy to spend quality time together as a couple, life gets in the way often, as does the availability of babysitters!


Independent research for Legal & General conducted by Mindshare UK and panel provider Toluna found that;

36% of parents aged 18-44 spend one or two days a week with their partner

67% of couples agree that spending time together is important for their relationship

39% of parents struggle with date night ideas


Hands holding heart shape


Si and I have been together for over eight years now and when we started dating I already had two children, so we’ve never had that before children care-free stage that most couples I know have had.


We have always had to work time for just us, in around family time. Si’s an amazing non official (we might get around to getting married one day ha!) stepfather to the boys. When he isn’t driving me completely up the wall, he’s an amazing boyfriend too, and we do try to find time for just us.


Personally my favourite way to spend time just the two of us is dinner and an overnight stay at a hotel, you can get a bargain for a one night stay out of the main tourism season in lots of places.


However, I know that this is very much dependant on whether or not you can get a babysitter. If you can’t get a sitter, you can read up on some Micro-Dating tips on the Legal and General site and check out my Pinterest board ‘Date Nights at Home‘ for ideas of ways to still spend quality time as a couple when you’re also a family.


Why not just take a few seconds for a quick cuddle before you get out of bed? It’s that simple. Once you start looking for opportunities, you’ll start finding them everywhere – a touch on the arm, a kiss on the cheek, a knowing glance, a shared joke, a hand held – tiny things, but over time they add up and make a difference.


Here’s a few ideas for Date Nights and Micro-Dating that you can try at home;


Dinner for Two


Feeding the children earlier, so that you can hopefully have a romantic meal together later on just the two of you. This may involve eating late once the children have gone to bed, or saving a special DVD or other form of distraction for the children.


Or if your children go to school, make a lunch date together if you can.


lunch date


Have a Screen Free Evening


I think we’re all guilty sometimes of spending too much time on our screens and sometimes not concentrating on the person we’re spending time with.


Maybe try having one night a week where the screens go off all night. You could have a drink together and spend the evening chatting, snuggling under a blanket or playing board games – maybe try not to fall out over Scrabble like Si and I have been known to do when he accuses me of making up words!


Cosy Couch


Cinema Night


Okay so you don’t have a sitter to watch the kids for you to go to the cinema, but you can bring the cinema to you. Get some popcorn and treats in, download a film you haven’t seen yet, cuddle up and enjoy.


Treat it like a real cinema and don’t check your phones during the film. It’s surprising what a difference it can make to both your moods when you hold hands and snuggle rather than having your hands busy on a tablet or catching up on Instagram.




The Little Touches


There are so many little things you can do to keep the romance alive and show your partner how you feel about them. From sending a text saying ‘I love you’ rather than the usual ‘Can you pick up some milk’ type of texts, to buying them their favourite chocolate bar/cake/treat etc. Small touches can mean a lot.


Do you have a favourite date night at home that you do with your own partner?


Stevie x


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