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Dear Grammar Police


Dear Grammar Police, yes you over their.


If the ‘their’ really bugged you and made you want to comment and correct me, then I am speaking to the right person. Yes you, Mr or Mrs Clever Clogs who are so clever that other people’s mistakes NEED to be pointed out by you. Ridiculed or just smugly corrected, preferably in a public way.


I have plenty of people on my list of friends on social media who get their ‘theres and theirs’ confused. Who write somethink instead of something or have something ‘pacific’ to say rather than something ‘specific’. Do you know what though? I wouldn’t dream of correcting them and making them feel small or rightfully angry with me.


Unless you are stood at the front of a classroom teaching, then really what right do you have to correct other people’s grammar or to post things mocking the ‘mistakes’ others make?


My grammar is definitely not perfect, I write exactly how I speak and often that involves a few Cornish inflections and mistakes. However, I know that people can understand me and I really don’t care what anyone else’s opinion of my grammar is.


However, some people do care. Some people are hurt and belittled by your smug corrections. There are people with dyslexia or other conditions that cause them issues with spelling and grammar that they can’t help.


Some people just aren’t great at spelling or with words. I know dyslexic bloggers who work so hard to get their voice out through their blogs and who won’t always spot the errors that a spell checker misses.


Then there are some people who trawl the social media platforms just aching to find someone to correct.


Seriously if you are that obsessive over grammar … volunteer at a school or an adult education centre. As really, apart from when talking to your own children, that is the only time it is okay to correct someone’s grammar when they haven’t asked you to. It is actually just plain rude in my opinion.


Don’t make others feel that they shouldn’t have a voice and that what they have to say isn’t important purely because they didn’t spell or get the grammar to meet your high standards.


Basically don’t make others feel bad to show off how ‘clever’ you are. Don’t make others withdraw and not get involved online because they are worried they’ll sound ‘stupid’. And read this …




Stevie x


  • Sam | North East Family Fun Blog

    I saw a post on FB recently about how people unfollow those on FB who have grammatical errors in their posts. What! I definitely commit a few sins as like you, I type as I speak. Correct grammar isn’t everyone’s forte and that’s ok with me.


  • Kate

    What a fabulous post Stevie, I can’t stand people who think they are grammatically superior. I confess that the first sentence was difficult for me to read but I absolutely would NEVER comment or correct someone for writing that. I know I make loads of mistakes in my writing, it happens and it’s not the end of the world. In my opinion if you don’t like the way someone writes then don’t read it, simples!

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thank you. I totally agree Kate, I obviously do spot other people’s grammar mistakes as well as making them myself, but I would never dream of saying anything, especially not to complete strangers!

    Stevie x

  • John Adams

    I don’t so much mind having my mistakes pointed out, but I do wish people would be realistic. There can be a smuggness “But you’re a writer! You’re supposed to get these things correct!”

    Yeah, I also write several thousand words a week so I’m more likely to make mistakes than someone who only writes a few hundred. I think your post had to be written.

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Thank you John, it can be frustrating to constantly have people picking holes and seeing people talked down to on social media because their spelling and grammar aren’t perfect is horrible. I would prefer to be a kind person with awful grammar than an unkind one with perfect grammar and a chip on my shoulder about it ;)


  • claire toplis

    To be kind is foremost xx

    I blog as I think and speak it is what makes me well me

    I get very embraced when people pick holes in my writing .

    I have issues with numbers too.

  • Emma T

    Poor grammar and spelling really bugs me (I passed a job interview by doing a better proof reading task than they expected), the same way as centralised text does, but I would never point it out to someone unless they asked for advice. I’ll just cringe and either move on never to return or cringe and just live with it. There’s no excuse for being nasty (but I do think more people should use spell checks or reread after publishing because mistakes do happen that people would recognise are wrong if they had the time or remembered to do a quick check afterwards – obviously removing dyslexics from that).

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