Degustabox For February 2017


I really enjoyed reviewing for Degustabox last month and I was thrilled to receive the February 2017 box for review as well. The February box was completely different to the January 2017 box.


February 2017 Degustabox


Degustabox Snacks


I’m not usually a huge fan of dark chocolate, but I loved the Maui & Sons dark chocolate coated banana chips. The sweetness of the bananas really worked with the slightly bitter taste of the dark chocolate. They’re also gluten-free and suitable for Vegans, if that’s something that you look for in food.


New York Delhi’s Americanos – dark chocolate covered coffee beans. I’m trying to be diplomatic here … but I basically I hated these completely, really too rich and like actually chewing on coffee granules for my liking. Though I have a friend who loved chocolate coated coffee beans, so it must be down to differing taste and I expect lots of people would like them. For me though – never again.


Diablo no added sugar chocolate covered wafer – I really liked this, I may have eaten it quickly before the boys got home from school, so that I wouldn’t have to share… I would definitely buy some of these again.



Feb 2017 Degustabox


Bebeto sweets


The Bebeto Cheese Cake gummies have a taste to them that I can’t quite pin down. They definitely taste good though and I was sooo happy that my sweet tooth had a treat from Degustabox this month. The Bebeto Candy Crush gummy mix is based on the popular game and the sweets are really good. So tasty and fruity, the boys loved these too.


The only thing I found though was that a few of the sweets in the Candy Crush bag went a bit soggy, I think because of an ingredient in them, but it did make for a sticky bag of sweets.


Degustabox February 2017


Peppersmith mints and gum


Both of these had a very fresh and cold effect on my mouth, which I like. They’re both things that I can see myself buying again, especially as they’re meant to be good for your dental health.


Degustabox drinks - February 2017

Degustabox Drinks


In the February Degustabox, there were several drinks plus impressively, a bottle of wine. Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom with hints of Elderflower, which despite being a screw top bottle was weirdly hard to open. Either that, or I’m a lot weaker than I thought. I actually enjoyed this, I don’t often drink alcohol at all and even more rarely wine. The fizziness of it was lovely though.


Coldpress 100% fruit juice – mine was the Berry Beets one which I wasn’t sure about with it containing beetroot, but I really liked it after I had chilled it in the fridge. It tasted okay warm, but really so much better once cold. 150mls of it is also one of your five a day, which is always a bonus.


Koko dairy free alternative – Personally I really didn’t like this at all, but then I’m also not a fan of the Soya milk that my eldest drinks. He liked this, so I definitely think it’s a case of personal taste. Possibly in something like a smoothie it would taste okay, but just not one for me.


Just Bee Honey Water in Blueberry – this flavoured water is really refreshing and oh so sweet. This would be perfect in the summer in a glass with ice, to be even more refreshing.


Double Dutch pomegranate and basil premium mixer – I have yet to taste this, as I’m planning to have it with some sort of alcohol to really try it properly. Or to get someone else who drinks more often than me to be a guinea pig.


February 2017 Degustabox contents


Kabuto Noodles


I liked these, despite the fact they look a little bit odd before you add the water and stir them. They’re ready quickly and being gluten free I can see them being popular. Before I started reading the blogs of people who have to avoid gluten, I had no idea just how much gluten is actually in.


Heinz no added sugar Beanz


I’ve always been a Heinz Beanz fan and although I do prefer the full sugar version, these no added sugar ones are still delicious. Plus being in smaller tins means we don’t end up wasting any, if only one of us are eating them. I might try to buy the no added sugar ones more often now, to be a little bit healthier.


February Degustabox 2017


Willy Chase’s FITCORN and Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar


The FITCORN that we were sent was the salted honey flavour one and I actually liked it quite a lot, though it could possibly have done with being a little more sweet. I do love sweet and salty popcorn together, it’s a great double whammy for the taste buds.


The Apple Cider vinegar … I have to confess, I have yet to try. It isn’t something I would usually have and I’m feeling a little bit resistant to doing so. Maybe it’s the idea of drinking vinegar, though I know you don’t drink it neat … Do you use apple cider vinegar and if so what for? With a bit of reassurance from some of you, I’m sure I’ll brave it.


Our box really was full of things that I had never tried before this time. In some cases such as the chocolate coffee beans … I won’t be trying again. However, once again I have loved trying new things and it was exciting to open the box to see what was inside. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of my love of surprises and lucky dips.


If you would like to order your own Degustabox, pop to the Degustabox website for more information on how to do so. You can pop to see our January Degustabox  post as well if you like.


Stevie x

We were sent the Degustabox for the purpose of this post, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.
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  1. 4 March 2017 / 10:47 am

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me that found the wine incredibly difficult to open! I really liked the coffee beans (but then again I love coffee!) I do love being able to try new stuff in the Degustabox