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My Day at a Digital Drop-In Event with the Post Office and Google

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Today I went to a Digital Drop-In event run by Post Office Broadband in association with Google Digital Garage and it was a lot of fun!


It was held at the Plymstock Library and I was there along with fellow bloggers Molly and Georgina, to help out and chat to the people who came in looking for help along with the Post Office  and Google representatives.


Plymstock Library Devon



Plymstock Library staoned glass window


Plymstock Library was an excellent location for the digital drop-in, as it has a big computer room at the back of the building. Also it was a nice comfortable safe feeling environment for people just to pop in as and when they wanted during the drop-in session times.


Plymstock Library


The remaining Digital Drop-Ins are also mostly in libraries too and are in the following locations;


Cardiff Friday 3rd August

Norwich Friday 17th August

Belfast Friday 31st August


Post Office Google Drop-Ins


If you fancy getting to attend a drop-in, but none of the dates or times fit, then you should definitely pop your details in to the relevant form at the bottom of the homepage on their site, to request to be told when an event is coming up. Not only that, but if there’s a lot of interest for a particular area, this may lead to it being more likely for an event to happen there in the future.


Plymstock Library


What actually happens at a Post Office Broadband and Google Digital Drop-In?


The Digital Drop-Ins are basically a chance for people to pop in to meet the experts from Google, who can answer any questions that people have about anything digital related. From how to download apps onto your phone to how to get online full stop. No question is a silly question, they’re a lovely group who just want to help answer your questions and get more people digitally confident.


Digital Drop-in


Lots of people came in during the session at Plymstock library today and I really enjoyed chatting to them and helping to answer their questions myself as well.


One of the ladies that I helped was trying to work out how to reverse the directions on Google Maps, so that once she had reached the destination she was walking to, she could then use Google Maps to find her way back to where she started without typing anything in. I showed her the two little arrows next to the destination and originating point and that when you tap them it automatically reverses your journey.


She was thrilled and said that she was much more likely to go out for walks when she was on holiday in future, as she wouldn’t be worried about struggling to find her way back to places when needed.


It just goes to show what a difference knowing something so simple technology wise can make. Other things I helped with included helping to work out why someone’s battery was draining so quickly on their phone and showing someone else how to access their emails via their phone, plus more.


Digital Drop-in


There were some really lovely people who came in during the session and the Post Office and Google representatives were all so lovely and helpful. If you know someone who could do with some help in knowing how to use their devices or even who would like to learn to use the Internet full stop, you should definitely tell them to pop to the Post Office Digital Drop-Ins site and get registering themselves to attend a drop-in!


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