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DIY Christmas Gift Tags With Colour And Fun

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We were recently sent some Little Brian paint sticks and a Scotch Tape Dispenser by Colour&Fun and we decided to use them to make our own DIY Christmas gift tags.


Colour and fun paint sticks and sellotape dispenser


We partly decided to make some gift tags as home-made unique ones do add a lovely personal touch but, also I had run out of the ones I’d bought previously and only needed a few more. They were actually so easy to make and fun.


colour and fun paint sticks


The Little Brian paint sticks are actually amazing! I used to love and hate painting with the boys when they were younger. Love that they were getting to be creative and have fun painting pictures. Hate that there was always so much mess and someone was always guaranteed to knock over the pot of water that we’d use for cleaning the brushes in between different colour usage.


The Little Brian paint sticks solve the ‘hate’ side of things, as children can paint without any mess. Also the paint sticks are a nice size for little hands too, so it’s easier for smaller children to join in.


homemade labels - colour and fun paint sticks


I don’t think our gift labels turned out too badly at all! You can buy the Little Brian paint sticks on Amazon. Where you can also buy the Palm Green Scotch Tape Dispenser on there too. Or you can buy a Purple Scotch Tape Dispenser or a pink one.


colour&fun review


The tape dispenser is really good and so handy! You can either turn the side cog bit and then small bits of tape are cut off ready for you to use – they’re the perfect size for wrapping gifts. Or you can use the side cutter part and cut off pieces of tape in whatever size that you want. I wish it had arrived at the start of my gift wrapping, as it’s such a handy time saver.


I need to think of something else crafty that I can do with the paint sticks now, as I really enjoyed making the gift tags!


Stevie x


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