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Your Essential DIY Toolbox Checklist


People don’t just say ‘a workman is only as good as his tools’ for no reason – it’s because the right tools for the job can help you get things sorted quickly and efficiently.




As you already know, I’m in the middle of re-doing my garden, and I’ve found a number of online checklists incredibly handy for getting myself equipped with the right tools.


So, I thought I’d share my ultimate DIY toolbox – for both the home and garden:

Tools for the Home

From moving into your first home to trying to ‘nail’ your DIY skills, there’s no doubt about it – doing your own jobs can save you lots of money. Therefore, you’ll need to arm yourself with plenty of tools, including:

• Adjustable wrench
• Hammer
• Handsaw
• Pliers
• Scraper
• Screwdriver
• Screws, nails and various other nuts and bolts
Spirit level
• Tape – masking, duct and electrical if you can
• Tape measure
• Torch
• Utility knife


And this all needs putting in a heavy-duty toolbox, of course!


Tools for the Garden

Love it or hate it, gardening is another chore we all have to take part in from time to time. But in my experience, you can make light work of those days in the garden by equipping yourself with some of these essentials:

• Fork
• Hand fork and trowel
• Hoe
• Rake
• Spade
• Secateurs

This will ensure you aren’t just making your garden look beautiful but you’re getting the roots of the weeds too so they take far longer to come back.


Gardening tools


Your DIY Clothing

Now you’ve got all the tools you need to get that never-ending list of DIY jobs done, it’s time to make sure you’re kitted out properly too.


Obviously, some old clothes and shoes that are ready for the bin are ideal for getting dirty, paint splattered and ripped. However, when you’re planning on having a DIY marathon, perhaps getting involved with more in-depth projects, you might feel it’s worthwhile investing in some sturdy workwear and footwear.


For example, if your garden represents a jungle and the weeds have grown out of control, you’ll want to make sure your hands are protected with some robust gardening gloves. A pair of goggles is also essential if you’re doing jobs that’ll cause liquid, dust and other pieces of debris to fly around. Or if you’re sanding/sawing, you might want to wear a mask to make sure you’re not inhaling any dust (this is also the same if your painting or spraying things as a mask will stop you from inhaling harmful toxins).


gardening gloves


Once you’ve built up this basic list of tools (just buy them as you need them rather than forking out for them all at once), you’ll start to feel as though any DIY project isn’t insurmountable. And you’ll probably find that you keep adding more tools to the list to create a toolbox that any DIY pro would be proud of.


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