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Does my bra fit? – Mish, Panache and a bloggers’ event

This week I have been very lucky to attend a #FreetheSqueeze bloggers’ event at Mish in Bodmin with Panache Lingerie. Boobs talk, women in underwear, food and more, and I think I actually lived a lot of men’s dreams for the day. When I arrived the lovely Mish asked me ‘Does your bra fit’ and of course I said yes, and then started thinking ‘does my bra fit?’.


We’ll get on to whether I was anywhere near right after I tell you a bit more about my day.


I picked Hannah from Cupcake Mumma up from St Austell train station and drove her to the event, which was great as not only did I get to chat to Hannah who I was meeting for the first time for longer, but it also meant I wouldn’t be the only one who was late if I got lost. My sense of direction is notoriously bad, and I admit we got lost, but not for long.


After being offered drinks and a beautiful selection of fruit shortly after our arrival, I had the chance to speak to some of the other bloggers.


Mish Lingerie Event


In addition to Hannah, I met Jo from Slummy Single Mummy, Elle from Garden of Eden, the wonderfully colourful Alison from Shut the Frock up (I misheard her blog name at first and was a little speechless until I realised my mistake) and Sam from Sofa Dodger.

The gingerbread women that they gave us were just the cutest, and hilarious with their edible ‘boobs’. I definitely had to eat one and Jo had a pose with one at the end.


Jo Slummy Single Mummy


Everyone at Mish was really friendly and couldn’t do enough for us, I can really see why they have such a loyal group of customers. Their customers are so loyal, that some of them were the lingerie models for the day.

Their confidence was so lovely to see, and even better that they were all different sizes, which really let us see how the different bras suited different frames, and how some were very universal.


We got to see some really gorgeous lingerie from Panache’s different ranges, and also some of their gorgeous swimwear, all of which are really supportive.


Mish Panache Lingerie


Mish explained to us that the majority of women in the UK (and possibly the rest of the world!) wear the wrong size bra, and make some common mistakes when choosing what they think is their bra size.


She has a frequent stream of supposed 36C customers come in to her shop, the majority of whom leave with a completely different size once her trained staff have re-sized them through a proper fitting.


We learnt that the majority of the support of your bra should come from the actual band that goes around your body, not from the straps. The straps do their job, but if you are relying on them for the majority of your support, then you will be putting more strain on your shoulders and your bra won’t fit.


A lot of people see that they have bulges over their bra straps and go up a band size to compensate, but Mish said that this can make things worse as they don’t have the correct support that they need, and often it’s the cup size that needs to be increased to fit in the excess breast tissue that’s trying to migrate.


The lovely Zehra from Panache talked to us about Panache’s lingerie ranges, and explained how they have a different range for the different types of women who buy lingerie, and that everyone is catered for. Their bras are well designed, functional but extremely pretty and comfortable as well.


Panache Underwear


Panache is primarily a D+ lingerie brand, but even those who think they couldn’t possibly be this size should see as when wearing a properly fitted bra your size may be larger than you think. Mish does also stock other brands of lingerie, so would always be able to sort you out!


We were spoilt with a gorgeous lunch at this point in the day, before having our own fittings done.


Lunch at Mish


Now this is the part where I admit I was completely wrong about my own bra size. I was so sure that I was correct in my 34D size, but Mish proved me wrong and I have a new bra set on order (my colour and size combination was out of stock) in the size of 32G, as you can imagine my 34D was not doing a lot to support me!


The bra in this size that I tried on instantly made me realise how badly fitted my own bra was, as it just felt so much better and much less squashed. The hashtag for the event was #FreeTheSqueeze and it was very accurate in my case.


When fitting in person the lovely staff at Mish look at you in your current bra and assess which part needs changing, the band, the cup size or both and then get you to try some bras on to see which is the correct fit. This worked really well for the bloggers at the event. Mish has even ‘fitted’ people over Skype before and gotten the size right.


When you order from Mish’s website, their fitting guide explains how to tell if you have the right size bra and what you may need to change if not. Unlike traditional measurement techniques, this seems to work a lot better, and Mish’s return rate is a lot lower than most large national retailers. So if you are wondering ‘does my bra fit?’ you should definitely check their site out, or if you’re in Cornwall pop to the shop in Bodmin!


I have to say a quick thank you to Panache and everyone at Mish for a brilliant day, the beautiful underwear winging it’s way to me, and the gorgeous goody bag.


Stevie x


*collaborative post*



  • Fern

    My bra doesnt fit, seriously, over the last 4 years (since I got pregnant with Sassy) Ive been measured so many times and always get a different size, due to breastfeeding and the girls only being 20 months apart mine are constantly growing and shrinking! and its not going to settle down for a liit yet! but I know mines awful, Ive got a massive gap in the cups but im hanging out the top of the cups. I hate bras! lol. think I shall have a look at the website though and see if i can work something out!

  • acornishmum

    You should definitely try to visit Mish sometime, she’s fantastic at getting sizing right. Her shop is hopefully moving to Wadebridge nearer the end of the year,

    Stevie x

  • Elle Robson

    Was lovely to meet you! I can’t believe all of us were wearing the wrong size bra, I have some new bras to buy now lol, which underwear set did you end up getting? X

  • Donna

    I actually have no idea what bra size I am – I have worked on guesstimates for years! This looks like a great event – I wish there was one near me, good food, good company and a proper bra sizing! x

  • acornishmum

    It was a brilliant event and it’s a shame you couldn’t have come, it would have been lovely to meet you! I was the same with my bra size, I had to ask one of the lovely fitters to check the label on mine to see what size it was!
    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Do you know what I haven’t the foggiest idea what my set was called now, it’ll be a surprise when it arrives ;) it was lovely to meet you too hon :)

    Stevie x

  • Mim

    You’ve reminded me to get measured! I have no idea what size I am now after pregnancy. What a brilliant event and I LOVE Panache lingerie :) :) Mim x #brilliantblogposts

  • Lins @Boo & Maddie

    What a fun event! I’m a huge advocate of getting regularly measured, similarly to you I was wearing the wrong size for a long time and went from a 36DD to a 32F and am now a 30E. It makes SUCH a difference to your posture, appearance, everything – my OH can even tell when I’ve been for a fitting of got a new bra just by looking at me haha. If you like Panache I can also recommend Freya too X #brilliantblogposts

  • acornishmum

    I did see some gorgeous Freya underwear at Mish as well. I couldn’t actually believe how different a properly fitted bra felt so definitely agree with you. I need to do some serious underwear shopping now!

    Stevie x

  • Jessica

    Eeeepppp this post gave me the kick in the bum I needed to go and be resized! Things are sitting a whole lot differently after baby number 2!!! ;)

  • Kaye

    Oh gosh, I need this! I haven’t a clue what size I am and none of my bras seem to fit. Looks like a great event and love the booby gingerbread women! #picnmix

  • theloveofacaptain

    Blimey, that is a big difference – bet Si was pleased ;)

    My boobs have changed so much since being pregnant and getting the right support during late pregnancy and post pregnancy is tough!! I still don’t think mine fit properly.

    Looks like a fun event! Nice post Stevie xx #PicknMix

  • Seychellesmama

    This sounds like a fab event! So many places don’t do proper fittings any more and I’m sure as a result many many people are wearing the wrong size!!

  • acornishmum

    Best gingerbreads ever, I might steal this idea to give the boys a giggle next time I buy some ;) Mish has a size calculator on their site as well now which is much more accurate than any others I’ve tried :)

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Boobs definitely change a lot during pregnancy and take a while to decide what size they want to be afterwards! My size will most likely go down as I’m trying to lose a little weight at the mo, and usually when I put weight on it goes to my chest as well ha! Really was a great event,

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    Mish did say it was very rare for someone to come to her shop and be in the right size! It doesn’t help that sizing is different with different brands, but now I know my Panache size I think my debit card may have a few Panache size dents in it soon ;)

    Stevie x

  • Lucy (Hello Beautiful Bear)

    I’m a BIG Panache fan, I think most of my lingerie drawer is full of their stuff.

    I don’t think that my bras fit at all (nowhere near!) I keep on thinking that I’ll hold on to them until I lose weight but even then, it sounds like they might still be the wrong size. I’ve been fitted before and the difference a good fitted bra makes is astounding, I will definitely be considering a new fitting sometime soon to get sorted.

    Great post, sounds like you had an awesome day at a fab event X X


  • Nicky Kentisbeer

    I really enjoyed reading this Stevie, what a fabulous day you had. I think this is a brilliant idea. Great review. I for one have probably been wearing the wrong bra size most of my life. I’ve been measured in shops and you can go from one shop to another and be sized differently and the resulting bra still doesn’t feel right. I shall certainly have a look at the website, it looks like there will be some really nice bits and I love the bra in the picture. I could certainly see bra sizing gatherings at home catching on. Enjoy your perfectly fitting bra! Nicky #picknmix

  • acornishmum

    I’m exactly the same, I have a drawer full of too small bras that I may fit in to again one day, thinking I need to have a clear out, I might actually be able to find stuff in there then!

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    It was a lovely day, and I now need to get a whole new lingerie drawer! Now that I’ve found the perfect fit in such a great brand I think I’ll find it hard to buy others :)

    Stevie xx

  • Jen @ 4,128 miles

    What a fab day! I love the blue and white polka dot bra. How gorgeous! I love being fitted for new bras, but I have to admit I change size every time I’m fitted which can be frustrating! #picknmix

  • acornishmum

    I think it’s definitely a good idea to always try bras on as well if you can, as different brands do fit differently but it does frustrate me as well!

    Stevie xx

  • Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist)

    Love that hashtag – freethesqueeze! So funny, and true. I have no idea what size I should be, still wearing my old maternity bras as they’re so comfy. Think it’s time to do some shopping – thank you for the inspiration! #picknmix
    Sabrina xx

  • acornishmum

    Ha bless you, mind you maternity bras are comfy ;) I lived in Sports bras for a while for the same reason, although probably not that great for support since they were loose fit!

    Stevie xx

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