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East Thorne – Our Review.

Our Review of East Thorne, Kilkhampton – Cornwall.


One of the boys favourite holidays so far was at Trecombe Lakes in Falmouth, and despite having been to Majorca last year, and Lego Land the year before that, they have a new favourite.


We’ve just come home (on Friday) from a 5 day holiday to East Thorne in Kilkhampton near Bude, and despite it costing us about a tenth of price of our foreign holiday last year and that it’s only an hour away from home, this is the holiday that has now set the bar for my boys for all future holidays.


On the way to our holiday we popped to Tintagel and had a lot of fun there. This set the mood for the rest of the holiday.


When we arrived at East Thorne we were greeted by Adam one of the owners, who was really friendly and let us know where to park, and Naomi his wife popped out to say hi and to tell us what was where around the site. I loved our little cottage we booked to stay in, it had everything we needed.


I especially loved some of the thoughtful touches, such as cosy throws to use in the evenings, and the candles dotted around the lounge area. We even had some delicious brownies left in the cottage for our arrival!


East Thorne Cottages -


The shower in the bathroom was nice and powerful, which I was pleased about, as we have stayed at some places where the shower is a disappointing trickle, and I do like a power shower. Also the actual bath that the shower was over was L shaped and huge, Harley could almost swim in it.


Everything at East Thorne was clean and fresh. The floors upstairs did creak quite a lot, but that’s cottages for you, and this and the exposed wooden beams in the bedrooms just added to the cosy feel of the place. Both of the bedrooms had decent sized wardrobes, which was just as well, as I always seem to pack as though we are moving house rather than just going on holiday!


Although we loved our cottage, after seeing Naomi and Adam on Four in a Bed this week and seeing more of the inside of the Yurts on site, I do have a bit of Yurt envy and really do think we may have to try one somewhere at some point, as they looked lovely! If you do watch the programme, they’re both funny and lovely on it and I am also wishing we ordered a breakfast bag.


On the site as I’ve just mentioned there are Yurts, a shower/toilet block, a fire pit area where they lit a lovely fire for everyone to sit around in the evenings, a games room with a pool table in, loads of space for children to play, an undercover eating area with barbecues, overhead heating and a wood burner, and a playground.


There were chickens wandering around as well, which the boys loved.


East Thorne Kilkhampton -


The whole time we were actually at the site, we hardly saw the boys! There were loads of boys of similar ages staying on site, and they were both off with them playing football, or playing Zombies in the dark with torches whilst we enjoyed sitting around the fire outside.


It was lovely to sit around the fire and chat to some of the other people there, pretty much everyone else seemed to be Welsh that week, and I love the Welsh accent. With so little light pollution, you can see so many stars in the sky at night that it really is beautiful just to relax and admire them.


The boys were definitely in their element, as when we’re at home they have a big group of friends they are always off to the park with, so I think they would have felt a bit lost if they hadn’t had people to play with, plus we got to spend more time alone together than usual which was lovely.


We were lucky with the weather whilst we were at East Thorne, but if it had rained, the cottages have dvd players and there is a big selection of dvds and board games in the reception area to choose from. Adam was a big help with advice on places to go when we asked him about pubs to eat at, which would be showing the football (groan), even though Simon ended up watching it on the laptop as the boys wanted to play with their friends for longer.


Naomi and Adam were both around a lot, but not in your faces, they left us to get on with our holiday but were around if we needed anything, and even if they escaped for a walk with their own little family, they left a note on the chalkboard in reception letting us know they weren’t around and left a phone number to get hold of them on.


They really both seemed lovely, and Naomi even came to find me after seeing on Twitter that I struggling to get phone signal to apologise! It was actually a good thing, as it forced me to relax more, and plus I’m pretty sure locations of phone masts aren’t her fault, and I could get signal outside in several places around the site anyway.


East Thorne is self catering, and we mostly ate out for lunch and then had a light bite at the cottage in the evening, although we did go to Gilletts chippy twice naughtily, they are close by in Kilkhampton and to Fin’s delight they even do pizza.


You do have to drive to go out anywhere other than for a walk from East Thorne, but that’s to be expected anywhere you stay in Cornwall really, and I’d much prefer to be away from it all in such a peaceful beautiful place and have to drive to get anywhere, rather than be in the midst of a busy place where you have to drive for ages to get away from it all and get some peace!


We would definitely recommend East Thorne as a family holiday location, and the boys would too, in fact they’d happily move in there if they could! Thank you Naomi and Adam, we had a lovely time!


We had some brilliant days out on our holiday, so look out for more posts coming soon ;)


This is an independent review of East Thorne, and we paid for this holiday ourselves, if you want to book to stay there you can visit for more information.


Stevie x


  • Brigitte Ravenscroft

    It sounds as though you all had a fabulous holiday with lots to keep everyone occupied and happy whilst staying in excellent accomodation. Perfect for all the family. I remember well, that if my boys were able to make new friends and had lots to do whilst on holiday, their mum and dad were happy too! xx

  • acornishmum

    Most definitely, so long as the boys aren’t bored we always have a good holiday! They were so well behaved though that they didn’t even argue once, probably because they were always so busy! It was a lovely site :)

    Stevie xx

  • Penny Pincher (Dawn)

    The cottage looks lovely I would love to stay in something as cosy as that and there seemed to be plenty for your kids to do, I’m glad you had a good holiday :)

  • Ashley Beolens

    The cottages sound (and look) lovely, and you sell it very well, we are looking for a UK holiday currently and this was not a place I had heard of before, so another one to look at, thank you.

  • acornishmum

    Thank you! We love our staycations around the UK, and even though I live in Cornwall it’s always nice to stay somewhere else and go on more days out than we would at home!

    Stevie x

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