Easy Choc Chip Cookies with Clover
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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Clover

I have said before on here, that if I do a recipe post it will be a recipe that ANYONE could make, and that’s what I have for you today. My easy chocolate chip cookies made with Clover, are one of my boys’ favourite treats for after their evening meal, and they are so simple to make. Here’s my fail safe recipe.

Easy Choc Chip Cookies with Clover

First things first, you will need to pop your oven on to preheat. Mine is a fan oven and I put it on at 160 degrees for this recipe, but if yours isn’t a fan oven I’d still say to try the same temperature and just cook for a little bit longer, as they don’t take long to cook at all.

You will need to line 2 to 3 baking trays with non-stick baking paper. The recipe makes around 26 cookies, so plenty to share.

Cookies Ingredients


225g plain flour

150g Clover melted a little bit (which now has no artificial ingredients)

100g light brown sugar

100g milk chocolate chips (or white or dark chocolate, which ever you prefer!)

60g granulated sugar

2 tea spoons of vanilla extract

1 medium egg


As I said this is an extremely easy recipe. All you need to do is put all of your ingredients, other than the chocolate chips in to a big mixing bowl. Then mix until the mixture is all looking wet and gooey and you can’t see clumps of flour any more.

Then add the chocolate chips and mix/fold them in to the mixture. Now you have your cookie dough all ready – see I told you it was easy!

Use a small spoon to help you to put the mixture on to the baking trays in small mounds. Remember that they spread quite a lot, so leave plenty of space between them. If you want bigger cookies, then you can use more mixture for each cookie and make a few less.

Pop them into the oven and leave to cook!

When I make them, they are ready after around 13 minutes, depending on your oven and how you like them it may take more or less time. I cook them for long enough that the edges are crispy, but the centre is still soft almost like a shortbread.

Since they don’t take long to cook, keep an eye on them!

Cookies Choc Chip

Now for the best part, the taste test as any parent has to pre-taste any yummy foods they’re giving to their children obviously. It’s pretty much a legal requirement!


By the way, the mixing bowl I used today to make these came from Simon’s Mum as mine has gone walkabout somewhere again (the joy of boys, I don’t even want to know what it’s been used for!) and the bowl was 38 years old. I feel quite young now…

I’ve been using Clover to cook with and as a spread for years, as I love the taste and was a little worried when I saw they were now not including any artificial ingredients, as I thought the taste may have changed. Luckily it hasn’t, and it’s nice to know that my boys will have less artificial additives now.

Clover gets part of it’s great taste from the buttermilk it’s made with. It’s the only spread I’ve found that tastes as good if not better than butter, but only has around half the saturated fat of butter.

This is the good thing about home baking as well, you know exactly what’s in the things you bake. Over on Clover‘s Facebook page at the moment, they have a fun competition to win a Clover oven glove and for 30 people to have their photo put on to special ‘Nothing Artificial’ fridge magnets if you fancy popping over to try.

If you have a go at making my cookies yourself, then let me know what you think. I promise you can’t go wrong making them, very easy!

Stevie x

P.S For any Type 1’s out there who carb count, they work out to 0.661g of carbohydrate per 1g of cookie ;)

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