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This school year my youngest will be sitting his SAT’s and my eldest will be making his options choices for his future GCSE subjects. A pretty big year all round.


I still remember doing my own test before leaving primary school and having to use actual books to revise beforehand. Often it was hard to find the right books as everyone else was checking them out of the library at the same time. Sometimes the books were even out of date as they had been written before important discoveries were made.


Things for my own children really are so different. At the touch of a button … or rather a few taps on a keyboard and they have such a wealth of information at their hands. I know it makes me sound old to say it, but it never ceases to amaze me just how different their worlds are growing up than my own.


The only problem being that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Doing a simple Google search for help with revision or school work is only helpful, if you know the sites you are reaching are accurate, up-to-date and reputable. Anyone can start a website these days (you’re on one of those randomly started ones right now) and can write anything they want on them.


Also often the websites who have the information your child needs on to revise have it en mass with reams of writing. Depending on the type of learner you are, this can sometimes be daunting.


I was recently contacted by Education Quizzes who have turned revision on its head a bit, by simplifying it, making it easier and more fun. My youngest son who has tried some of KS2 education quizzes out for his SAT’s revision and has told me he found it a fun way to learn, partly I think as he did so well at them.


Education Quizzes


I really think the quizzes have worked as a bit of a confidence boost for him, as he has realised that he has absorbed a lot more at school than he thought. We even got a bit competitive trying the quizzes out, seeing which one of us would get the highest score.


I’m equally proud and ashamed to say that he did beat me on one of the quizzes. Maths really is not my strong point. I remember teachers telling me I couldn’t use a calculator for everything as I wouldn’t always have a calculator with me in life … my phone is always with me so several years later I have won that argument.


The Education Quizzes are for children of all ages. They cover KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE and are actually written by teachers, which I find reassuring personally. Being short quizzes they don’t take a long time to do, which means that the boys can do some revision on a variety of different subjects without it taking them so much time that they lose focus.


Being online they can take their revision with them easily where ever we go for a quick session, without having to lug books with them. Not only that I do find my boys are more willing to do any of their homework that involves using a laptop or tablet. For a bit of light relief, they can also read the Nature Matters section which is all about nature and a variety of different creatures. Still educational, but fun to read too.


Nature Matters - A Cornish Mum


When doing the quizzes, if you get an answer right it explains why it is right and provides extra information. This means that even if your child has sneakily guessed the answer, they will still be learning. Hopefully, this will help it to sink in and stay in. If they get the answers wrong, there is the option to keep doing a quiz until they get it right.


Education Quizzes


As parents, I think the results of the quizzes can help us to ascertain where our children might need a bit of extra help educationally. Not just for exams as let’s face it they are only a small part of their education. It isn’t just about exam results, it’s what they take away with them from school. The extra knowledge, and even the confidence that can come from that.


The quizzes are all about trying to help children to be successful at school. Trying to make studying easy and enjoyable. Subscription to the site is £9.95 monthly. I know that does seem quite a lot, but as it can be cancelled at any time it could work well as a revision boost for a month before an important exam or as a way to help your child if they are struggling with a particular subject at any time.


The Education Quizzes site/service is open to schools who get a big discount for signing up, so it may be worth pointing your own school in the direction of the Education Quizzes website. I will definitely be happy if either of my sons’ schools sign up to this and we would definitely use it a lot.


Stevie x

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  1. 14 November 2016 / 2:10 pm

    Ooh this looks really good, I’m going to look into it. My eldest had to learn about jellyfish over the weekend and it was surprisingly difficult to find something online that explained it in language that a child could understand.

    • 14 November 2016 / 2:19 pm

      I find that a lot of the time as well, I also love jellyfish there were loads at the aquarium we went to in the holidays :)

      Stevie x