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Our First Time at Longleat



Last month we took the boys on a mini staycation break to a few different places in the UK, one of the places that we visited was Longleat and I am so glad that we did. We loved it there!


We managed to get our entrance tickets a lot cheaper by using my Tesco points, but even if we’d paid full price I think we’d have gotten our money’s worth. We did the safari drive around first when we got there.


Beautiful giraffe at Longleat




We did see lots of animals, but several overs we could only glimpse as they were lying down. There is a bus that you can pay extra to go round on, which with the higher vantage point could be a good idea. Also you can go around the safari as many times as you like, so I’d advise going early so that if you don’t see that many animals you can try again later.


Longleat animals


Camels at Longleat


Most of the animals were loose in their areas, but there were some lionesses behind a fence with a sign that said they were settling in. There are various gates to wait to go through and the safari drive does take a while, so definitely make sure your children go to the toilets at the beginning.


Longleat Lioness


There are two sections where your car is most likely to get damaged, the monkeys and the deer. We skipped both, especially after seeing people driving along with monkeys on their roofs and one with a wiper blade hanging off.


The house at Longleat is huge and very pretty inside, but sadly you aren’t allowed to take any photos inside, so I can’t show you.


Longleat House visit


When we were there it was a day when they had fireworks on, so we had the added bonus of a fireworks display to enjoy.


Fireworks at Longleat


They were also starting to get set-up for their Festival of Light and some of it was lit-up in the evening. It looked beautiful and from the photos on the Longleat website, I’d say the festival is well worth a visit. I want to go back to see it another year for definite!


Lights at Longleat


Lights lit up at Longleat


They were starting to put Christmas trees up inside the house too and a  very special one outside too which lights up in different patterns and colours during the Festival of Light, but which was just green when we were there.


Christmas tree at Longleat


There is lots to do at Longleat, there are loads of animals to see near to the house as well as on the safari, penguins, meerkats, red pandas, reptiles and loads more. There’s a fun bit where you can actually walk through the bat area too – just be aware they do fly right by your head, there were a couple of upset children when we went through – not mine ha! They loved it, especially when something dripped on my head which may or may not have been bat wee ew…


There’s also a play area, a maze, gardens to explore,  a train to ride and my absolute favourite a boat trip ‘jungle cruise’ to go on!


Boats at Longleat


The boat trip is included in the price of your entry and it was just brilliant. Definitely in part because of the really nice tour guide who was funny and informative.


Longleat boat tour


Whilst on the boat you can see the resident gorillas on their island, spot the two hippos (no swimming here eek!) and if you like feed the Californian sea lions! It was £1 for a pot of fish to feed them, I’m kind of glad we didn’t have enough change on us after seeing a young boy have sea gulls flying right at him when he was a bit slow to throw the fish ha! He was fine by the way, otherwise I wouldn’t be mean enough to laugh.


Longleat Sea Lions


The sea lions swim alongside the boat waiting to be fed and they jump up and splash you too. It was so lovely to see and the boys loved it too. My youngest has decided that he wants to work at Longleat when he grows up, which just shows how much he especially loved the whole place.


Sea Lion


As well as having lots to do there, Longleat is a really beautiful place to spend time, especially in autumn with all the different colours in the trees – which it is surrounded by.


Beautiful autumn trees at Longleat


I’ve made the title of this post ‘Our First Time at Longleat’, as it certainly won’t be the last. Have you been there and did you love it as much as we did?


Stevie x


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Our first visit to beautiful Longleat Safari Park near to Warminster in Wiltshire


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