Fact or Fiction Legal Myths Quiz
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Fact or Fiction Legal Myths Quiz

I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable about legal matters, I read the news a lot, and I am a big fan of courtroom dramas. Also, having been through my own divorce several years ago I have spent plenty of time in a solicitor’s office, so I didn’t think I would fall for any legal myths.

The Co-operative legal services team challenged me to take their Legal Fact or Fiction quiz, to see how many legal myths I currently wrongly believe. Their aim is to debunk some legal myths and get some important truths out there.

The Co-operative Legal Services Quiz

I’ll let you know my score in a moment, but first I want to explain why being legal savvy is so important, for those who think this quiz has nothing to do with them.

The law isn’t just something that affects other people, it isn’t something that only people who break the law have to worry about. There are many legalities you need to be aware of through life, from knowing who has parental responsibility to dealing with death duties and being an executor of a family member or friend’s will.

It’s not always a nice feeling to have to think of the legal side of things in life, but not thinking of them and brushing them under the carpet can be a lot worse and lead to avoidable problems. For example, if you never get around to making a Will, then you are making things much harder for the loved ones you leave behind, and they may misinterpret what you would have wanted.

In the Fact or Fiction Legal Myths Quiz, I got a question related to Wills wrong:

“I’m married, so I don’t need a Will and everything passes to my spouse?”

I won’t tell you whether this one is fact or fiction and why I got it wrong, as I’m going to set you a challenge in a moment, and I don’t want you cheating! On the Co-operative Legal Services website however, they do have extra ones in their further information section after the quiz, and I was surprised by one of those, which was:

“All Shoplifters will be prosecuted”

This is one of those statements that I have seen around for years and have never questioned, but in actual fact it’s fiction. The Co-operative legal team explain.

“The decision to prosecute can only be made by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) based on evidence provided to them by the police”

Now obviously unless you are a shoplifter, this statement being fact or fiction isn’t really going to matter to you, but it’s a great example of how sure you can be that something is fact when it really isn’t. I suppose if retailers wrote…

“We will hopefully prosecute Shoplifters, but we may not be able to”

… then it really wouldn’t be much of a deterrent. Do you think you know your laws? I think if you take the quiz you might be surprised by several of the answers, just like I was.

I scored 9 out of 15 in the Fact or Fiction Legal Myths Quiz, do you think you can beat that? Go on, I challenge you to go to the quiz by clicking on the image below! Let me know your score in the comments afterwards,

Stevie x

Fact or Fiction Legal Myths Quiz

*This post is in collaboration with The Co-operative, but all thoughts and opinions as ever are my own*


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