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Dream Fairytale Destinations: Mallorca

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There are so many places in this World that are just so beautiful, that they’re almost magical. I suspect Mallorca (Majorca) isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you think of fairy-tale destinations with a touch of magic to them.


Believe me though, Mallorca has so much more to it than beaches and bars. We took the boys abroad for the first time a few years ago and Mallorca was where we chose to go. It’s the perfect family destination in my opinion and it was a pretty much perfect holiday.


Whilst there we went on a few excursions and this is where the ‘magic’ comes in.


Caves of Drach Mallorca Majorca


We went to the Caves of Drach (Cuevas del Drach) in Porto Cristo on a really hot day. Walking into the giant caves and going down for what felt like miles, the whole place looked like something out of a story or a film. The temperature dropped as we walked, which was both eerie and atmospheric.


Such a beautiful and fascinating place – the real magic came once we reached our destination within the caves.


Caves of Drach


The Caves of Drach actually house an underground lake – Lake Martel. It’s quite a large lake and the reflections off of it from the lights and ceiling above was just wonderful to see. What came next literally took my breath away.


We were sat in an amphitheatre area next to the lake, the lights were turned off and out of the dark came small boats lit up with lights. Each boat had members of a small orchestra in and they were playing the most beautiful classical music. It was one of those experiences that will stay with me forever, such a magical memory to have. It still makes me smile now to think about it.


Mallorca Majorca Caves of Drach


The fairy-tale theme of Mallorca isn’t just restricted to the Caves of Drach either, the Cathedral in Palma looks like something out of a Disney film.


Palma Mallorca Majorca


The gardens and grounds around it are stunning too and look like they should have fairies or other mythical creatures living there.


Palma Mallorca


Palma Mallorca


I would love to go back to Mallorca in the future or perhaps somewhere else that seems like it belongs in a fairy-tale, like these fairy-tale locations on the Netflights website. Out of their list, I would so love to visit Seljalandsfoss in Iceland. How beautiful does that waterfall look?!


Which fairy-tale location would you like to go to?


Stevie x


  • Mummy and monkeys

    I’ve only been there once, when I was two so I can’t really remember but it looks like a really lovely, family friendly place to visit. Iceland is on my travel bucket list! Eilidh x

  • Rebecca

    Oh wow Mallorca looks amazing! I’ve always thought it was a place for clubbing and such but it looks very cultured. My geography is rubbish and I don’t even know where Mallorca is!!

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Oh I am so jealous! It was April 3 years ago that we went and it was the perfect time of year, hot without being too hot and nice and quiet as it was right at the beginning of the season. Have an amazing time lovely.

    Stevie x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    The southern part is more the party areas I think, but it was just so beautiful where we were and there were so many excursions to go on. I’ve hardly shown any of it in this post really.

    Stevie x

  • Emma | Devon Mum

    We went to Majorca 2years ago for my little girls 1st birthday, it was so lovely. We also visited the caves of drach and my little girl loved the bit when the lights go out and the boats come out all lit up playing music, it really was magical. We would definitely go back x

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