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Father’s Day for the Like a Dad but not a Dads #TruprintDads

I don’t usually buy my boyfriend presents for Father’s Day, because we don’t have a child together. However after almost five years of us being in a relationship, and him doing so much for them, my children have insisted this year that they want to treat him for Father’s Day.

I did briefly wonder about the politics of this, as after all they do have a Dad. Then I mentally comprised a list of all the things that Si does and has done for them over the years, below is just a tiny proportion.

  • Teaching them both to ride a bike
  • Staying awake with me all night at the hospital when Fin was admitted overnight with dangerous blood glucose levels and vomiting (he was so out of it Si had to sit with him all night to sit him up when he vomited to stop him from choking)
  • Taking them on holidays
  • Playing football with them
  • He taught them both to tie their shoelaces, when we discovered that I am so cack handed it’s a miracle I’ve managed my own over the years
  • Working ridiculously hard to provide a home for them, and when not at work still working hard to renovate the home to give them somewhere lovely to call home
  • He has cleaned countless shoes that have dog poo on them, because I’m a wimp and can’t stomach the job
  • Played a ridiculous number of board games with them even though some of them drive him insane
  • He has sat through some truly horrendous kids films at the cinema without complaining…although there was some snoring at the Lego Movie!

All this plus more, in addition to the support that he gives me. He’s been there when Fin has had his bad days when he has been upset about being diabetic and I’ve then held it in, been strong for Fin then had the same rant and cry to Si later on. He is my absolute rock, the boys know he would do anything for them and me, and I think he deserves some recognition for that.

So this Father’s Day I will let the boys spoil him like he deserves, after all he does the job of a Dad (and a ruddy good one at that), stuff the politics of it all!

I have already started getting him some presents, and am having to be creative, as most Father’s Day presents say ‘Dad’ on them and I have yet to find a site that sells ‘Like a Dad but not a Dad’ gifts.

I ordered him this canvas picture from Truprint.

Truprint Canvas

I chose this photograph to use for the canvas, because it’s one that Si took himself when we were on holiday in Devon. We stayed in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage, just after there had been really bad storms.

It was a windy and wet holiday, not that far from home, but one of the cosiest holidays we’ve had, so I thought a good memory for the wall, plus he’s always claiming his photography is better than mine, so for Father’s Day I’ll pretend to agree! I’m looking forward to finding him some other treats before the actual day.

I imagine there are countless other men who are ‘not a Dad but like a Dad’ out there who should be appreciated this Father’s Day. Si isn’t the boys’ Dad, but my children know that means he has chosen to be a part of their lives, he has chosen to be a part of their upbringing, and he doesn’t just choose the fun stuff, he’s there for it all, the good, the bad and the smelly, just like a ‘real’ Dad.

Thanks Si for being an amazing parent figure for both of OUR boys, if they grow up to be half the man you are then they’ll be pretty damn amazing.

If you wanted to buy your own personalised ‘Not a Dad but like a Dad’ or even just regular Dad (but unique) gifts, then you can pop to Truprint to get some inspiration. You can even use the code LOVEMYDAD to get up to £30 off your order*.

Stevie x

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  • acornishmum

    I do love how well they get on and how much they look up to him! My youngest was only 4 when we got together, so he doesn’t really remember him ever not being around.

    Stevie x

  • Fern

    Its like that with my OH Sassy was 6 months old when me & him got together officially but we had been meeting up and talking since sassy was much smaller. and for the first 2 years of her life her ‘real’ dad hardly had anything to do with her so OH has really been the main male in her life (except my dad whom she adores!) but then we dont celebrate mothers day/ fathers day really as I personally think its upto them to chose when they get bigger. plus if we did it would mean id have to buy sassys dad something…

    Sassy and Midge are just the girls, they arnt my daughter and our daughter they are just our girls.

  • acornishmum

    These men that choose to take on the role of a parent to our children are pretty amazing aren’t they?! Si went from being a single care free guy to a co parenter of two very noisy messy boys, and he does an amazing job at it. I really do love how close they are to him, and how much they look up to him :)

    Stevie xx

  • Christina

    This a lovely post. I think it so amazing your partner is such amazing “father” to your children. I hope you all have a fun “Father’s Day”. Thank you for linking up to #FathersDay2015

  • Dean of Little Steps

    I think many people will agree that giving birth to a child doesn’t automatically call you a mother. It works also with Dads. Being called a mother or father is earned. You become a mother or a father when you nurture/love/care/protect, the list is endless, to add what you’ve already listed on this post about what your boyfriend does for your son ;) #FathersDay2015

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