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Father’s Day Gifts Part Two – For The Big Kid


I wrote recently about how my children wanted to buy my boyfriend Father’s Day gifts this year despite him not being their Dad, and this week I have found Si a few more treats! I have actually banned him from my blog until Father’s Day now unless it’s under supervision ;)


Si is lovely, but he also has a cheeky big kid side to him and don’t even get me started on his sense of humour… Sadly I do find him funny regardless of how groan worthy some of his jokes can be! He also likes to wind my Dad up, and they are a bit cheeky and bantery with each other – in a friendly way luckily!


That’s why what I have found for Si this week is perfect for his big kid side. Si is a Liverpool FC supporter and my Dad supports Manchester United. Sorry Dad despite ‘Come on You Reds’ being one of the first CD’s my older sisters and I owned, I have now been to Anfield and I was converted …. although all my favourite players including Stevie G have now left!


Anyway enough waffling and winding my Dad up (love you!), I will leave that to Simon with his new mug from Personalised Gift Solutions. On their site you have the choice of all sorts of personalised items and there is a football section where I chose this mug for Si.


personalised gift solutions



You can choose from different teams and matches, but I chose the one that Simon would most enjoy making my Dad drink out of when he comes to visit. Three nil to Liverpool at Old Trafford really was the best mug I could have found for Si – once again sorry Dad!


The sweets and chocolate also show what a big kid my handsome man can be, as they are some of his favourites! I’m really hoping Si loves what we give him for the first year he’s ever been bought Father’s Day gifts.


Stevie x


*I was sent the mug for free after choosing it, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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