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Favourite Five Through the Door Lately


I haven’t gotten around to writing about our favourite five through the door for a while. In fact not since my last Through The Door ┬ápost at the end of May. This one is therefore a bit of a catch up of my favourite five through the door in the last few months.


Garnier Ambre Solaire


Although the weather has been hit and miss over the last few weeks, there has definitely been some sunshine in amongst it. Enough so that I managed to get sunburnt a few weeks ago. I’m not taking any chances now with myself or the boys, as the weather keeps changing so quickly.


Luckily the lovely people at Garnier Ambre Solaire have sent me a bit of a summer care package. Firstly I have to say I seriously love this Joules bag, it’s the perfect size for taking with us for a day on the beach or a picnic.


Along with the fun bits in the photo, we were also sent a tube of their new wet skin factor 50 sun lotion and anti sand spray. The sun lotion is brilliant, as you can apply it to wet skin.


This makes it so easy to top up their sun protection when they’ve been in the paddling pool or the sea for ages, without annoying them by having to dry them off. Plus it doesn’t make your skin feel sticky at all, just soft and smooth.


Keeping to the non-sticky theme, the sand spray is brilliant. It is basically a factor 50 sun lotion spray and has been specifically designed to be non sticky to prevent that horrible feeling when sand sticks to your skin because of your sun cream. The bonus of it being in a spray, is that it makes sly application of sun protection easier on wiggly children.


You can buy both at Boots in store and online!


Garnier Ambre Solaire sun cream with a bag and treats


Red George cushions


I love it when I get paid for blog work with vouchers, it means I actually have to shop. When this happened recently, I treated myself to a few things for around the home. This included some bright red big comfy cushions for in the lounge. They add a pop of colour to the room and I am so glad I bought them.


I would show you a photograph, but the one I took made them look pink… and really photos of big red cushions aren’t really that exciting ;) They are pretty much the same colour as the next item on my list though.


Red telephone


I have already mentioned this phone in my Liked and Loved this Month post, but I can’t not mention it again. I am a little bit in love with the retro look of it. The colour matches my new cushions and when it rings it has an old style ring as well. This has caused me to jump a few times, but finally a phone I can actually hear when I’m in a different room and to me it is just gorgeous.


Red Telephone


Contact Lenses


I’m not wearing them all the time, but I love that I now have the choice to wear contact lenses when I want to. In particular it is so nice on a wet rainy day, to not have to wear glasses that get covered in water or steamed up.


My youngest son


This one may sound a bit random ha! Last month my baby boy… he’s ten but he’ll always be my baby… went on school camp for five days.


The longest I have ever been away from either of my boys. He was definitely my favourite thing to come in to our home in the last couple of months. I really missed him, but he had a brilliant time on camp despite missing us too.


What have you bought or been given recently that you loved? Or who has made you smile by walking through your door?


Stevie x


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