Finding Reliable Safe Childcare Locally

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Deciding to go back to work after having a baby or even once a child starts school is a big step and trying to sort reliable childcare can sadly be a logistical nightmare. site


Considering what a big decision it is in the first place and the emotions that it can bring forth, having to search in a gazillion different places to find childcare locally is a stress that really isn’t needed on top of everything.


This is where comes in. They provide a platform for parents to search easily and find loads of options for childcare close to them. Whether you need full-time care, part-time childcare or even just an occasional babysitter or a one-off, their site can really help.


Usually with these types of sites Cornwall is a bit sparse for options, but not on the site. They have loads of listings for childcare in Cornwall. In fact I even recognise some of the people offering childcare that I know through friends or from the school run, who I had no idea provided childcare! is the UK’s largest childcare website and has been around since 2009, so it’s no wonder they’ve built up such a wonderfully large database of people who want to look after your children for you.


They don’t only have a searchable database of registered Childminders, but also Babysitters, Au Pairs, Nannies, Nurseries, Nursery Nurses, Maternity Nurses, schools and even private tutors. Basically if it’s a form of childcare then you can find it on The one stop shop for all your childcare needs basically!


Baby -


If you are looking to offer to look after children rather than having children that need to be looked after, you can also list yourself. I can imagine this is a great way of being seen by the parents that you are hoping to reach.


One of my and I am sure most parents’ biggest concerns with childcare is knowing that the person I am leaving my child with is qualified and that I can trust them to keep my child safe. The site understands this and you can filter your searches to only include those who have been CRB checked and those with official qualifications in the care of children.


You will need to check over these qualifications yourself beforehand by arranging a meeting with the person or company that you want to trust with your child or children, but that’s a given where ever you look for childcare as it always pays to play it safe. The site have provided lots of information on how to stay safe in your quest for good care.


There are also loads of other search filters to really help you to find the perfect person or team of people to help with your childcare needs. search filters

Just some of the search filters on the site.


You may even be lucky like me with searching on there and actually find people who you know through friends or personally yourself listed. Even if you don’t know them though, a lot of them have reviews written about them on the site. It is always reassuring to read about others’ experiences before going ahead and employing someone for such an important job.


Reviews on


What are my local childcare options?


If you want the answer to that question, then I really do recommend that you give a try!


Stevie x

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