Favourite Blog Posts August 2017

My Five Favourite Blog Posts: August 2017

Every month I like to choose five blog posts from other bloggers that I have loved reading and want to share with my readers. Some posts are new ones and some are old ones I’ve just read.


Here are my five favourites for August 2017!


Favourite Blog Posts August 2017


Katy at Hot Pink Wellingtons


Katy take absolutely beautiful photographs and the post of hers that I have loved this month is full of lovely ones. The post A Visit to Ashby Castle has me wanting to visit if we ever holiday that far up from Cornwall. What a beautiful place.


Charly Dove at PODcast


My inner child fell in love with this post of Charly’s – The Limited Edition Disney Belle Dress. The slightly crazily expensive Belle dress is literally the dress that I dreamed I was wearing as a child as I danced around pretending to be Belle. It was one of my favourite films for so long and this dress is just amazing.


I also love the look on Charly’s daughter’s face, exactly the same look I would have if I was wearing the dress as a child or *coughs* now.


Beth at Twinderelmo


I hadn’t heard of the whole Shropshire Rocks – The Summer Craze thing, since I’m in Cornwall. But I love this post of Beth’s and the whole idea of it. What a fun quirky and kind thing to do, to make other people smile. Do other parts of the UK do this?!


Donna at What The Redhead Said


We recently went strawberry picking for the first time and now I need to go again after seeing Donna’s post Strawberry Vanilla Crumble Recipe. I’ve never thought to try strawberries in a crumble, but I am so going to try Donna’s recipe soon as it looks and sounds delicious!


Last but not least as these are in no particular order:


Sam at North East Family Fun


I love Sam’s post How to visit the REAL Wayne Manor (aka Batman’s House) because we have a mega Batman fan in the house and I think he would love to go and visit here. I think I need to add it to my wishlist of places to visit! It looks beautiful, plus I always love Sam’s posts even if most of the places she writes about are MILES from us ha!


Stevie x


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