Five favourite blog posts

Five Favourite Blog Posts: September 2017


I’m a little bit late with this post for September, as everything has been manic with BlogOn and then BlogCamp plus being ill in between the two events. However here are my five favourite blog posts from other bloggers for September 2017.


All posts that I have read in the last month and loved for one reason or another.


Five favourite blog posts


Mel at Le Coin De Mel


I recently read this post from Mel – The Best Strawberry Cake Recipe Ever: Le Fraisier – and I am in total awe over this cake. It’s just beautiful, as is Mel’s photography as always! Despite my complete lack of cooking skills, I think I really need to have a go at making this soon. I was lucky enough to finally meet Mel recently – twice and it truly was a pleasure.


Cathy at Mummy Travels


Cathy constantly makes me jealous with her travel posts and in fact her travels! Her blog is full of beautiful photos of different countries, but my favourite post of hers recently is actually a UK-based on – An Instagram Walk on London’s South Bank. As part of the Britmums conference this year Cathy led an Instagram walk around London and the photos are just stunning.


I love how quirky some of the things that you can find are and it makes me want to pay more attention when I walk around the towns of Cornwall, as usually my camera only comes out for the seascapes. Cathy shows how wonderful cities and towns can actually be for original looking images though.


Nyomi at Nomipalony


Nyomi’s post that I loved is 8 Reasons to Get Excited About Autumn. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, Cornwall is a lot quieter, the clothes you wear are so much cosier and more flattering than in the summer and all the leaves turn beautiful colours. This is one of those posts that is pretty much identical to my own thoughts. LOVE AUTUMN … I think you worked that out though.


By the way if you don’t follow Nyomi on Instagram then you really should, her Insta stories are brilliant. So honest, usually hilarious and she has such a fab accent. Click below and it should take you to visit her.




Beth at Twinderelmo


I love Beth’s post 30 Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween! I weirdly only carved my first pumpkin a couple of years ago and it was a seriously messy job yuck, but so much fun. I might be persuaded by the boys to get another one this year and try to be a bit more adventurous with our carving after reading Beth’s post! She’s ace by the way, so go visit and follow her everywhere … erm except not in person as that’s stalking.


Last but not least – these are never in any sort of order, they’re random and jumbled much like myself:


Nat at Plutonium Sox


I love the post – Learning to swim with Rebecca Adlington and Baby Annabell – on Natalie’s blog! Not because I’m a huge doll fan, but because it just goes to show how amazing this blogging malarky is. It isn’t every day that you get invited to swim with Rebecca Adlington and it really is amazing the opportunities that blogging gives not only to us as bloggers, but especially to our children.


Seriously blogging is the best – I may still be on a post conference, post hanging out on a cruise ship high though.


Stevie x



  • Nyomi

    Aww Stevie thank you so much! This has made my day. What a lovely idea for a blog post, so supportive and kind and your generous comments have made my heart swell. On a day of exhaustion from my daughter’s terrible twos this has lifted me back up. Thank you!

  • Cathy (MummyTravels)

    Thank you so much for including my post – and that you liked the photos, we had such a perfect blue day the first time round. And it was such a good reminder about what you can see if you just wander off for an hour with a camera, something I definitely don’t do enough. Off to have a read of the others :)

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    My eldest has chosen photography as one of his options for GCSE so I suspect we’ll be doing a lot of photography walks over the next few years. I love that he’s chosen something that I love so much. And my pleasure!

    Stevie x

  • Mel

    Stevie, you are so incredibly lovely! Thanks a lot :) If you want to use a photo from my post about the cake, feel free! It’s my absolute favourite cake in the whole wide world and it’s perfect! xxx

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