Five Great Side-gig Ideas

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Although saving money is just as important as earning it, especially if the old saying holds true, sometimes you do need to bump up your income a bit.


You might be planning your dream holiday, or wondering how to pay for that garden room you’ve wanted for years and you’ve already visited the Credit Fix website for saving and budgeting ideas. Occasionally you just need a few extra quid; so how can you bring this money in without taking on a second job or selling an organ?


5 great side-gig ideas - guest post -


It’s quite easy – find the right side-gig! Side-gigs are great because you don’t need to devote lots of time to them and you can pick them up as and when you need them. Some are passive, too, which is the best sort of hustle, especially when you already have a job/family/college course thing going on. Here’s five of the best side-gigs out there.


Use your car for advertising


If your car is in decent condition and you get around town in it quite a bit, you could earn up to £1,000 a year by letting a local (or national) company put an advertising wrap on it. There’ll be conditions with this gig; you may have to drive a certain number of miles each month, you’ll probably have to get the car cleaned regularly and you really mustn’t use it for any 1990s-style ram-raid sprees…


Offer a dog-walking and pet-sitting service


This is a side-gig the whole family can get involved in. Your youngest can look after hamsters, the middle kid can take care of cats and rabbits, while you and the eldest can walk dogs and clean out chickens. You’ll have to offer your services to close friends and family to get some references first, but once the neighbourhood knows you’re reliable and safe, you’ll have some regular jobs.


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Do online surveys


This can be a bit of a slow-starter, with rewards of 20 pence or similar, but once the site has evaluated your first few surveys and knows you’re legit, you’ll get more lucrative ones coming up. You won’t retire on the proceeds, but if you’re at home in front of the TV in the evenings, then bringing in a couple of quid is better than nothing.




Hire your property out to film companies


This is one of those one-gig-a-year-but-it-pays type gigs. You can earn more than £1,000 a day if you allow a film company to use your house, flat, garden or man-shed as a location. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a period property (although this helps) or a 1930s semi-detached, if a crew needs it and you’re willing to ship out for a few days then the job’s a good’un! If you have to stay in a hotel for a few days this is usually paid for, too!


Offer a de-cluttering service


Most people loathe the thought of de-cluttering and deep-cleaning so if you’ve got what it takes to go through someone’s stuff and decide which items just aren’t earning their keep, you could be someone’s saviour. You need tact, compassion and just a bit of ruthlessness here.


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