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Five Selfish Wishes


If you could have five selfish wishes what would they be?


I don’t mean selfish wishes that would hurt others, so no stealing married celebrities from their wives and children mind ha, but wishes just for you.


Now in my case I am going to imaginarily imagine that some other fantastically kind people have used their five wishes to cover the main biggies … world hunger, housing the homeless etc etc. As in truth with five wishes, if they weren’t covered I would still need to cover them. See I’m not a completely selfish cow honestly.


Anyway at this moment in time with five precious wishes, I would use them to:


Find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes


Not entirely selfish as the 400,000 people in the UK living with Type 1 Diabetes would be helped sooo much by this. A little bit selfish though, as my own son has Type 1 Diabetes. There isn’t a birthday candle that I blow out or coin that I drop into a wishing well that doesn’t carry this wish from me with it.


For me to earn enough so that Si doesn’t have to be boiling hot all day


I could have just put win the lottery, as it is just as unlikely to happen ha. Today it was 22 degrees before 9am and Si works as a welder in a building with a metal roof. With no air conditioning, has to wear overalls and a welding mask and welding is obviously hot at the best of times. I’m really feeling sorry for him today, he works ridiculously hard for us and he barely rests when he is at home.


If you’re reading this Si, I really do appreciate everything that you do … well maybe not the flipping up of my phone case so that it locks when I’m using it … or your dodgy jokes. Okay 99% of the time I appreciate everything that you do.


Maybe I should have just wished for an ice cream van to visit his work, vaguely feasible.


Ice cream - Pixabay


A holiday abroad


We haven’t been out of the country in years, the boys have only ever flown and been on a non staycation holiday once. That was to Majorca (Mallorca) and it was an absolutely brilliant holiday. I might have to write about it sometime even if it was ages ago.


I would love to be able to take the boys away again and to treat Si, who deserves to be treated. Top wish list destinations for me right now are Canada – I have always wanted to go there, Disney World – another one that has always been on my wish list or a cruise. Either a cruise around Norway and that area to see the Northern lights, or a cruise anywhere where the boys can visit lots of different countries.


I would like to say that our biggest barrier is the school fining system … but the fine would be the bit that I could actually afford to pay for ha!




A house in the middle of nowhere with a swimming pool


Okay, so the pool part isn’t essential but hey it’s my wish. Mostly we have nice neighbours, but there are one or two who I would be more than happy not to have to live near. I’ll leave it at that and not risk being sued for defamation of character or some other sort of malarkey.


Basically though I would love to live with no neighbours, somewhere with a workshop for Simon which I know is his ultimate dream. With a swimming pool I would clearly be a size 6 as I would totally use it every day … you can read up on dieting lies I tell myself if you like and make your own judgement on that one.


The metabolism of a giant


I’m 5 foot 2 tall and I don’t want to think about how wide … I seem to spend all my time failing at diets or succeeding and then eating my own weight in cheesy chips (seriously who can resist that level of cheesy goodness) and gaining more weight than I lost.


I would love the metabolism of a giant, as let’s face it I have the appetite of one already. Just imagine eating and eating and eating and losing weight unless you add another ‘eating’ to that. For me that would be living the dream.  I could have used my last wish for something more remarkable, a sexy new car, the ability to fly, x-ray vision – ew now how dangerous would that be?! – but nope I’m using it to stuff my face.


I may pretend I have that metabolism anyway and ignore the evidence to the contrary, as I have just remembered that Si has a flake ice cream left in the freezer.


I *may* be ending this post here purely to go and eat it.


Stevie x


  • Rebecca

    Those are some nice wishes! I feel for Si having to work in all that heat! My Dad was a mechanic in the quarry and worked as a welder on occasions. He might as well have been in hell it was that hot! At least he could escape into the caverns to coll off though!

    I’m with you on the metabolism! Oh and the house in the middle of nowhere. I’ve found my ideal spot but I would never be allowed to build a house there. Even if I did win the lottery. But hey ho a girl can dream right?

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    I really feel awful for him today, it really must be torture poor bloke. Ha I’m forever spying areas I want to live, that I no there is no way they would ever allow anyone to build a house on … but since the chances of me ever affording it anyway are teeny, I’ll keep dreaming with you ;)

    Stevie x

  • Kate

    Poor Si, that sounds horrendous – it’s a struggle being half naked at home in front of a fan so I can’t even imagine how he copes with that!

    I love your choices, I’d also like a house in the middle of nowhere (no nosy neighbours!) and a swimming pool would be good too but maybe an indoor one for colder weather. I’d love to go back to Florida and I’d also like a nice new car big enough for all of us to be comfortable instead of squishing the eldest into the back seat of a tiny 7-seater. Finding it easier to diet would be on my list too – it’s soooo difficult

  • Tracey Abrahams

    Oh….. a house with a swimming pool and a library (counting that as 1)
    Mr A to get a well paid job thats only 5 mins drive from home (not an hour away like it is now)
    An end to my anxiety and depression. Actually a cure for anxiety and depression for all.
    Another baby.
    And that giant metabolism thing, that would do me.

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    Phew I feel lass selfish now that one of your wishes covered curing something other than Type 1 Diabetes ;) I always wanted a library when I was a child, I think I can blame Beauty and the Beast for that one!

    Stevie x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Haha great wishes Stevie. I would be happy with a nice big house with a pool too! In fact, if you get one can I come and swim in your pool please??

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