Four of the Best Free Maths Homework Tools for Your Kids


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We all want the best for our kids and for them to do well in school. However, let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since many of us did our basic sums and sometimes we’re not the best source of tutorage when they have homework. However, that doesn’t mean your child will suffer as a result.


Using online tools can be a great way to encourage children to learn, whilst ensuring they are doing their homework. So, I’ve been discussing some of the best ones with Maths-Whizz – here are some of our affordable favourites:


1. Mathsframe


This site comes highly recommended for any child that enjoys playing on their tablets as it boasts over 200 maths-based games to choose from and is available on both iOS and Android devices.


Mathsframe is designed for children in KS2 (pupils aged 7 and 11) and makes learning fun by incorporating education with classic computer games such as Space Invaders (aptly named Maths Invaders). Plus, it uses a Star Wars theme!


It is available in app-form or on the website, making it widely accessible when on the move and is a great tool to use an additional supporting resource for children and their homework.


I like this because all the resources are designed by an experienced teacher and it’s regularly updated with fresh content, so kids won’t get bored.


2. Pattern Shapes


Pattern Shapes is a bright and colourful app-based tool, available on iTunes, developed by the Math Learning Centre.


Why do I like it? Well, Patterned Shapes is a great tool for visual learners and those who love to draw who traditionally may have found dealing with numbers tricky.


It encourages children to use patterns and shapes to learn geometry and fractions. Through playing with shapes, angles and geometric relationships, many children naturally learn to think of fractions as a part of a whole, which will help them complete their homework with ease.


3. Multiplication


Multiplication teaches using pictures and stories which give children a handy mnemonic technique for quick success.


This is reinforced with a mix of free and paid tools for under 12s, which track your child’s performance as they play the games – perfect not only for out of school learning, but also following their development and highlighting any areas which need improvement.


I personally love ‘Zippy’ the tools’ teaching robot, who reminds you of sequences or patterns if you get stuck!




4. Maths Tutor by Whizz


Maths-Whizz is an award-winning online maths tutor that allows you to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses in maths.


You can sign up to a free trial which is based around understanding a child’s maths age through an online assessment. Maths-Whizz then uses this knowledge to start improving children’s skills and encourage learning with games and incentives – the first 5 lessons are free (each around 15-25 minutes), then you can upgrade to the paid service.


Maths-Whizz believes every child is unique and so are their learning needs, that’s why they ensure children are provided with the right lesson at the right time via a handy online system and ground-breaking virtual maths tutor.


For more information about making maths fun through interactive online learning, visit Maths-Whizz today.




  • Plutonium Sox

    Thanks for sharing these Stevie, Libby really struggles with maths and we need to do something to help her. Might have a look at Maths Whizz over the summer.

  • Karen

    Some great ideas here – I do have a Maths degree but I struggle to connect with how they teach maths in the modern world (look at me sounding like my Gran!). C, thankfully, has inherited my love of maths gene so these resources will enable me to challenge him a little but not completely confuse him as they will align with the current style of teaching.

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