Frog Bikes Cycling Accessories Review

We were recently sent a box full of goodies from the lovely people at Frog bikes, and here’s our review.

Both of my boys love riding their bikes, and Fin especially is always on his riding up and down our street. I love that they enjoy something so active and good for you! I can’t actually ride a bike due to a horrendous sense of balance, but luckily Si taught them both to ride.

We love taking the bikes over to Lanhydrock on the trails there, and the boys love the stunt area (as you can see in the video above) and some of the trails. However, because I don’t ride a bike myself it’s impossible for me to keep up with them, and although they are getting scarily grown up these days, I still worry a little bit about them.

I can imagine for parents whose children ride their bikes to school, or who ride on busier roads, there must be even more worry about them being safe.

One of the best ways other than teaching your child to be traffic and road rules aware, to keep them safe, is for them to be easily seen and heard. Frog Bikes have a range of cycling accessories on their website to help make children (and less mini people) easier to see when they are on their bikes, and most definitely easier to hear.

They sent me a few items to try out, a rucksack, a rucksack cover, a helmet (there will be a separate post and competition for this one) and a mini Hornit.

You can buy the rucksack and cover as a set for £44 on their website, or just the cover for £16. You may think this sounds a little pricey, but the rucksack has a few extras. There’s a special insert bag inside that is waterproof for popping any wet dirty things in, a special detachable case in the front part of the bag for mobile phones to keep them safe but accessible, and some very visible reflective strips on the straps and the front of the bag.

Frog Bikes Rucksack

The rucksack cover is suitable for most bags, and has a strip of lights integrated in to it, that you can set as a continuous row of red lights, or flashing red lights. Both the rucksack and the cover would be perfect for making someone more visible to others. Plus it feels like a great quality bag, and perfect for a school bag if they ride their bike to school.

The mini Hornit is not only functional, in that it would certainly make people aware of the fact the rider was around if they used it, but it is also a lot of fun.

It is basically a bike light and horn/bell all in one. The mini Hornit definitely looks a little bug like, and fixes on to the handlebar of a bike or scooter. It also comes with a remote trigger that you attach close to where you put your hands on the handlebar, so that it can be used without having  to take your hand right off the handlebar.

Mini Hornit

The light can be set to flash in different ways, stay the same and change colour from white to green, but that’s not even the most fun part! The best part is the fact that you can choose from 25 different sounds to use as your ‘horn’. From a fire engine sound to a cockerel, there is a wide range of sounds and a few funny ones.

As a sneaky note to parents here I will point out that you can choose the volume level for the mini Hornit, personally I’d stick to the quieter level unless they are actually going out on to the road, as the loud one is just that. With the items I’ve reviewed today, your child would definitely be seen and heard when on the road.

If your children use bikes or scooters, then I would definitely recommend Frog Bikes’ range of accessories, and they also have some lovely looking bikes on there – I so wish I could actually ride one!

Stevie x


*I was sent these items for a fair and honest review, and as always that is what I have given*



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