Frog Bikes Kids’ Helmet Review

We were recently sent some cycling accessories from Frog Bikes to review and one of these items was a child’s cycling helmet, which unfortunately was way too small for my children – my own fault for forgetting to specify a size, but this does mean I am offering it as a competition prize for my readers to try and win!

This is the helmet you will be trying to win, it’s a Team Sky helmet from Frog Bikes.

Frog Bikes Helmet

The helmet is size XS which is 46cm – 53cm and is designed perfectly for children. Not only does it look smart, it has anti insect netting included in it to protect them from bites and creepy crawlies a little.

There is also an LED light on the back of the helmet which can be set to stay on permanently or flash, both of which will make a child much more visible to other road users. They are made even more visible by the highly reflective strips that are also on the helmet. To be honest, I think this helmet could even be a good idea if you had to walk somewhere with your child at night time where there’s no pavement, as it would help you all be seen.

Frog Bikes

On the helmet there’s also an anti pinch buckle, which is always a good idea! I’ve managed to pinch myself with a buckle before and it’s not an experience you’d want to have twice, as it really hurts. The strap is also easy to adjust.

The helmet looks and feels high quality and has a recommended retail price of £26, which I think is reasonable. If you’d like the chance to win this helmet yourself then please enter using the rafflecopter below.

Stevie x

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