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Five Frugal Money Saving Holiday Hacks With aqua

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aqua card have asked me to help my readers out by letting you know five of my money-saving holiday hacks. So here goes.


Five frugal holiday hacks


We love going on holiday as a family, but the costs can really add up. Obviously I am lucky enough to go on review stays for this site, but we have had a whole lot of self funded holidays over the years.


We aren’t in a position to just book a really expensive holiday and not then panic about the mortgage payments and luxuries such as food and heating for the rest of the year. It would be lovely if we were, but then personally I love a bargain and I would still try my hardest to get that amazing holiday cheaper somehow.


My frugal five money-saving holiday hacks.




Consider a staycation


I expect you could have guessed if you usually read my blog, that I would have said this.


Personally I love a good staycation. Late last year we went on lots of staycation holidays. Including one to Seaview, which is not far from our home in St Austell at all as it is in between Polperro and Looe. Whilst we were there my car starting playing up, not being far from home we simply popped home and swapped cars over.


Lucky that we did, as my car was out of action for weeks. For us being on a staycation meant that we didn’t end up having to pay a fortune to a garage and then be stuck without a car all holiday.


We’ve had all sorts of other stays in Cornwall, Devon and further afield in the UK, all of which we have loved. The bonus being we can have three or four staycations for the price of one holiday abroad. Definitely worth considering.


Besides there are so many beautiful places in the UK, including Cornwall obviously.


Looe Cornwall


Check the price of flying a day or two earlier or later


We went to Majorca a few years ago, which was an amazing family holiday. We managed to book the holiday so that the day we flew home was officially a school day. However, our school had a training day, which meant we could fly home later and not miss school. That one day difference in flying meant that we saved almost £600.


In future whenever we are planning a holiday abroad, I will checking to see how much of a difference flying one or two days earlier or later would make.


Palma Majorca - Mallorca


Go All Inclusive


This sounds a strange one I know, as obviously all-inclusive holidays are more expensive. However if you are planning to eat a lot and drink a lot – let’s face it, it is rare this doesn’t happen on a holiday, then the extra money is very well spent. When you add together how much you would be likely to spend on a meal out – search for Tripadvisor reviews of where you intend to go, as often people state the average costs of food and drink. The actual cost for all of you can be a lot more than you would spend going all-inclusive.


Take your own inflight snacks


Snacks at the airport and once you are in the air tend to be very expensive. You are banned from taking liquids (over 100ml) on a flight, but food is not banned. You can save money by taking your own food and snacks with you. You may be lucky enough to be flying with an airline who provide meals, but you will still want the snacks, especially if you have children and want any sort of peace during the flight.


Get a Pay as You Go Sim Card before you go abroad


I always worry when abroad about spending a lot of money on data on my phone. It doesn’t matter if I turn the data off … I still get that panic. I also worry that if I turn my data on for one thing, that all my apps etc will decide to update and cost me a fortune in charges.


The solution? Either be more phone savvy than me and work out how to turn all of the app updates etc off before you go, or pick up a free pay as you go sim card! Most providers give them out for free online and you can give the number out to anyone you would want to be able to contact you in an emergency. Pop some credit on before you go just in case.


The beauty of this is that not only can you only spend the sum total of credit that you put on to the phone, but also only those you would want to contact you can do so. Peace and protection and one of my favourite holiday hacks as I’m a bit of a worrier about things like this!


Your own tips and tricks for frugal holiday booking?


Now that I’ve shared my frugal five holiday hacks with you, do you have any of your own tips and tricks for booking a holiday more cheaply or saving money whilst you are there? I am always interested in new money-saving ideas, so feel free to comment below!


As an added note, if you are worried about running out of money abroad, or don’t like the thought of carrying lots of cash for safety reasons, then credit cards such as the aqua credit card could offer protection. The aqua card can be used in over 36 million places worldwide as well as at 600,000 cash points (fees may apply) which can make it handy whether you holiday at home or abroad.


Stevie x


Post sponsored by aqua Card (credit provided by NewDay Ltd, 18s and Over, Subject to Status, UK residents only), but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.


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Five frugal holiday hacks with Aqua Card


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