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Fun Gifts For Older Children with Prezzybox

The older the boys get, the trickier it can be for friends and family to know what to buy them as gifts. We were recently sent some toys from Prezzybox to review, that really appealed to the boys and which weren’t just for smaller children – great!

Firstly they were sent two lots of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. One purple one that is actually a very pretty colour and a blue one that came with its own magnet as it has magnetic silver flecks throughout it.


Play Putty


The magnet is so strong in the magnetic putty, that in the photo below of both tins, the magnet is holding up the other tin through its own tin! The putty takes a bit of pulling around and making into thin bits for the magnet to move it around though.

Prezzybox Thinking Putty


The boys really enjoyed playing with the putty, which I was surprised by as to me it’s just gooey looking stuff you stretch. There was something a bit hypnotic to them though about stretching it and squashing it. It reminds me of having a stress ball – maybe I should actually be the one playing with it.

The magnetic thinking putty and the purple iridescent putty are both currently £12.95, personally I don’t think I would pay that for it but the boys think it’s worth it so what do I know?!

Fin’s favourite item that they received was the next one, the World’s smallest radio controlled car. I love that it came with its own mini cones to practice your ‘driving’ skills with.


RC Car Prezzybox

You can see below just how small the car is, cute but surprisingly powerful! It actually goes really fast on a decent surface. When it arrived in the box, it was screwed in to the box…. does anyone else really hate when companies do that? In this case though, they put a mini screwdriver inside the box for you to use – genius.


Radio Control Car


The controller for the car takes batteries and then very cleverly is used to charge the car itself. Both boys really enjoyed playing with the car and I think we may even buy a second one soon, so that they can have races with them. The radio controlled car is currently only £11.95 on the Prezzybox site, very reasonable and the perfect gift in my opinion.

We were also sent a football board game from Prezzybox, but I’ll show you that in a separate post soon! The boys really enjoyed everything that they were went from Prezzybox, especially the radio controlled car.

I think the car would make an amazing gift for most children, as I can see it having appeal across the ages – I enjoy playing with it myself in truth.

Stevie x

*We were sent these items for the purpose of this post, but as ever all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest*


  • Kim Carberry

    Ohh! Thank you for this….I have 2 girls so I am already at a loss to what to get boys and older boys (My nephew) always ends up with money in a card which is so boring. That radio controlled car looks fab! Such a great price x

  • Tracey Williams

    I love the look of the little car. I agree that it is so hard trying to find presents as they get older. My son will be 14 soon and I think he would love playing with it. Mind you I think the husband would love it more x

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