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Garden Makeover – garden tools and more tools.

We’ve spent a lot of time over the years renovating our home, which was a bit of a disgusting wreck when Si bought it over 5 years ago. Inside we keep thinking we’ve finished, but then we decide to do things such as bedroom swaps and make ourselves busy with it all over again! Our garden hasn’t had quite as much love so far, but our garden makeover is definitely a work in progress.

I won’t show you the whole before and after so far shots of the garden, as I want to keep that for when the garden is finished, for maximum impact. Believe me though, it was actually more disgusting than the house.

One of my biggest hates in the garden was the old concrete sheds that I have put up with for years, but finally we’ve been able to knock them down! It’s ridiculous just how excited I was by this.

Here’s a photo of the sheds to show you what I mean about why they HAD to go. There were even some sort of mushrooms growing inside.

Shed Before

This is what it looks like now…

shed after

Even in its building site state at the moment, I think it’s already an improvement. We are going to build a new bigger concrete shed with separate rooms to have in one room, our tumble dryer (currently invading all the space in our small dining room), a chest freezer, my treadmill, a punch bag and more in.

The other room of the shed is the one that Si is most looking forward to. It’s going to be his tool shed, and believe me the man loves his tools. If he finds a tool he doesn’t have, he will find a specific job to do that he especially needs to use that exact tool for – such a coincidence!

Considering the unfinished state of the sheds and our garden, he’s even looking at garden tools, I have no idea how big his side of the shed is going to need to be at this rate. One bonus though, is that they do garden tools at Tesco, so at least his tool addiction should earn me some Tesco points that I can use for treats for me.

He desperately needs a new lawnmower apparently, and a hedge trimmer….and I’m really hoping he isn’t going to find a use for the chainsaw he was looking at recently. If you read the post on Popular Mechanics about the science behind tool obsession, then you may think it’s understandable Si’s obsession with tools…however from reading it myself I mostly concluded that they were saying he is basically a monkey ;) .

In fairness though, I do gain from his tool and DIY obsession, he made our kitchen from scratch for a start, including all the base units, and although he’s incapable of tidying anything….other than his tools which are always precisely organised, anything that needs a fix, tweak or full on DIY makeover always gets done without any nagging required.

Our garden makeover has been on hold a bit, as outside right now we have scaffolders putting scaffolding up ready for our solar panels to be fitted tomorrow. Very exciting, but it does mean there hasn’t been much point in doing too much to the garden, as we have all sorts to do still including breaking up and redoing all the paths which are right under where the scaffolding now is.

I can’t wait until the garden is all done, and you never know one day we may even have ‘finished’ the inside of the house!

Stevie x

*collaborative post*


  • Brigitte

    What is it with men and their tools! I suppose the same could be said of women and their kitchen bits and bobs! I can’t wait to see your new garden once it’s finished. I’m sure it will look amazing! We moved into a new build that was just a patch of soil. It’s now my little haven especially when the sun decides to appear! xx

  • acornishmum

    He is definitely into his tools, is Dad is exactly the same! :) The garden could take a very long time to finish he has to build the sheds and wants to build a new front wall and more. He’s a welder and has already made me a stunning gate with a butterfly in because I love them, but it’s waiting on the wall being built and everything else being done!

    Stevie xx

  • acornishmum

    I can’t wait til it’s all done and I can use the garden without moving rubble out of the way first! The scaffolding came down today just before we left on holiday!
    Stevie x

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