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Our Garden Makeover Mission: Part 3

Our Garden Makeover Mission: Part Three – The Back Garden

*Collaborative Post


You can read about our garden makeover mission so far in parts 1 and parts 2 of our garden mission posts. Our garden is very much a work in progress, although despite it still being a bit of a building site, it is so much better than it was when we first moved in.


Here are a few photos of the back garden as it was;


Our overgrown back garden before


Back garden in the beginning


garden at the back of the house before


The back hedge took a huge amount of cutting back and digging out, I managed to make my hayfever go slightly insane by helping Si to do this. It really was a huge job and took us (well to be fair, as usual it was mostly him ha) weeks to do during the weekends.


Si built a wall out of stone along the back edge instead and when it isn’t covered up a lot by the huge wood temporary shed it looks really good. He also built a new wall between us and the neighbours, but you can’t really see that either because of the shed. It is all definitely still a big work in progress, but now that the new sheds are almost done that’s a huge step forward and a big step closer to being able to get rid of the temporary wood shed that currently blocks a lot of the light into the dining room.


New sheds now


We have recently changed our plans of what we want to do for the back garden, as we’ve decided to save up for a conservatory for the back of the house. With Si doing the work himself, it will be a lot cheaper than buying one from a company to build for us. However, it will take a bit of saving up for.


The plan now is to have the conservatory connected to the dining room. Then to have bird feeders and a bird bath on the large stone area in the corner of our garden, which will mean we’ll be able to watch the birds out of the window.


Robin red breast at The Lost Gardens of Heligan


I recently read an article about the Big Garden Birdwatch on The Guardian and it shows what a difference people putting food out for the birds can make to their chances of surviving the winter. There’s that and also the fact that they are lovely to watch, especially robins.


I’m thinking the conservatory will probably be where I work the most when it has been built. I feel incredibly old all of a sudden getting excited about a conservatory and bird watching!


In between the conservatory and the new sheds that Si is close to finishing now, we are going to have patio slabs on the floor. We’re also planning to have some garden furniture there, somewhere to sit and eat outside. We know that we would like wood furniture for outside, personally I’m swaying towards teak furniture and I had a read of a guide on¬†how to choose teak garden furniture¬†recently, to make sure we choose well.


Si however is considering making his own furniture for outside. He is ridiculously good at DIY, as you can see from my recent post on the teenager’s bedroom. However, since he already has so many jobs to do – not to mention his own actual one, I think we should just buy furniture, but we can argue that out much closer to the time.


I really can’t wait to have a nice finished garden to sit out in and to show you how it all looks when it’s finished.


Stevie x

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