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Our Garden Makeover Mission – Part 1


When Si bought our house, the garden was almost as big a mess as the inside of the house. The lovely people at Wood Finishes Direct asked me what my dream garden would look like. The short answer would be a finished one! Here is part of our garden makeover so far and a little bit about that future dream garden.


Going back a few years ago, this is how our garden looked. I’m just showing you the back part of the garden today, as the front isn’t that exciting yet and it has a huge paddling pool in the middle of it currently.


Our garden before


Beautiful isn’t it?! I am very pleased I have such a practical boyfriend, as he has spent a lot of time on the garden since then. I’ve gotten my hands dirty a lot clearing the dirt and rubbish from the back garden as well.


It really is still a work in progress, but we have the frankly huge wall at the back of the house. Built by hand in his ‘spare’ time, much like the wooden fencing above the wall and the ‘temporary’ wooden shed that he built himself. I love the wall at the back, the stones will look amazing once they’ve cleaned off properly when we finish.


I have to admit I will be pleased when the wood shed is gone though, as great a job as Si did making it. It’s blocking most of the dining room window and was only ever meant to be temporary as we don’t have room for it.


Our garden now


Our permanent shed will be the huge concrete block ones he is building at the moment, which I can’t wait to be finished. I have had a tumble dryer right in the way in the dining room for a very long time, and countless tools all over the house as we ran out of room in the temporary shed to put them.


One room of the shed will be a bit of a utility area, somewhere to keep welly boots the tumble dryer and the boys bikes. The other room will be for Si to store his huge collection of tools and hopefully be able to do some welding and tinkering at home when he wants to in future. He is a welder by trade and ridiculously practical.


Once the new sheds are done, what I am really hoping we can do out the back is to deck the whole area. Where the temporary shed is above I want either a picnic table or a wooden table and benches for eating at. Well not only eating at, I would love to be able to sit in the back garden and work as well.


The decking will most likely be the same colour as our fence, as it will look odd if it doesn’t match. So my plan is to break up the brown with wooden planters painted in different colours, or just one bright colour if Si and I can agree on one.


Planters and flowers


I keep eyeing up the different colours that you can get Cuprinol Garden Shades in for this. I’m a little in love with the Forget Me Not and Summer Damson ones. I think we might need to buy a few sample colours to help us choose.



Cuprinol Shades colours


I’m thinking we might have a colourful bench at the front of the house eventually as well, although we may decide on a more traditionally coloured exterior wood paint.


At the front of the house at the moment, there are mismatched and slightly sparse in places bushes. The bushes looked a lot better before the boys ripped bits out on the outside to make a den…. oh the joy of children! Our future plans for the front are to rip out the bushes completely and build a wall instead, with sections in the middle that are wood.


We also have a very sad-looking green monstrosity of a gate, which I will show you in another post soon. Si has used his welding skills to make me a beautiful new metal gate. He has made it with a butterfly design on it, as he knows how much I love them.


I would like to be able to show you, but it is currently in the back of the temporary shed and I would undoubtably get stuck in there with it if I tried. I will save that for the final photos, when the whole garden is done. I will share the changes to the front and side gardens so far soon though.


I really can’t wait to have it all finished at last, although Si might not be as keen for it to be done since he has promised me we’ll start on redecorating indoors afterwards….


Stevie x


  • Plutonium Sox

    Wow Stevie, Si really is a practical fellow isn’t he?? We have the whole of our back garden decked and it made a huge difference to the amount we can use the area. I hope your garden makeover is finished soon!

  • Mud Cakes and Wine

    Wow that’s a lot of work your man has been up to. We want to paint our shed a sage green colour I love all the colours you can get now. I am sure being Cornwall you can have great fun with your containers and it looks quite sheltered? Very exciting time #picknmix

  • Lisa Savage

    Wow! I love that stone wall! I cant believe that was buried under there. What a great guy Si is for making all those things, especially the gate, just for you! When that shed is gone it looking like that’s going to be a right little sun trap. Perfect for working in! #PicknMix

  • Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby

    Wow! what a difference already… I would be looking forward to your garden photo when it’s fully finished. It’s great when our partner are good that way, isn’t it? #PicknMix

  • Kim (sisterkin)

    Gosh! I wish my husband was so handy. It is going to look great and half the fun is the planning, isn’t it.#PicknMix

  • Emma Jones

    Wow that’s a huge difference. We did ours last year. Had 6 weeks of mud, diggers and skips. I wanted to get more pots & flowers for the summer but time ran away with me. #picknmix lifeinthemumslane

  • Lisa

    The Summer Damson looks like a lovely choice Stevie! Can’t wait to sit on the front bench in a couple of weeks time, when Si has finished the gardens. Or maybe, I should look forward to it next yr? xxx

  • Harriet Leonard

    We’ve just had some artificial grass put down after having had a stone garden. It’s made a huge difference and is so fab for Ava. Looking forward to seeing the finished results of your garden. xx

  • teacuptoria

    Aw I love planning new spaces for the home. I’m a bit of a rubbish gardener so I like my garden to be practical. Sheds and outdoor buildings are so good for storage so you can hide all your tools and everything. Great idea to put the tumble in there too! Good luck! Tor x #PicnMix

  • Mum in Brum

    Si sounds very much like my hubby who is also very ‘handy’ – but he’s got to the point now where he’s had enough of house and garden renovations so I have to do anything else myself now! Love the stone wall at the back, what a lovely feature, and the new ‘permanent shed’ will be so handy once it’s finished. It will all be worth it in the end – that gate sounds amazing (my hubby could never do that!) can’t wait to see it xx #picknmix

  • suz

    You have made a great transformation already to your garden. I love the wall.
    Will look forward to seeing the finished makeover.

  • Tracey Williams

    You are so lucky to have a hands on partner as my husband is useless at big jobs (don’t tell him lol) but thankfully my step dad is fab. We have a small garden but 2 decking areas and we have just painted the biggest decking with the grey cuprinol paint. Love the finished look and it has made such a difference to the garden already x

  • Emma Plus Three

    I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! I’ve been meaning to paint the kids play house for the last two summers and still haven’t got round to it! I’ll have a look at that paint x #picknmix

  • OddHogg

    Wow check out mr Practical! I’d love to be able to do that stuff! Our garden is awful and I’m hoping to have it leveled and artificial grass put down eventually #picknmix

  • becca farrelly

    It looks lovely, I wish we a bit more interesting garden as its just grass and my partner who likes gardening has put loads of flowers dotted around it so it looks pretty but that’s about it!
    I love the fact you are going to have loads of storage as that’s what we lack at the moment! :)


  • Sarahbel

    What a transformation already! I can’t wait to see the rest of it, best of luck to you and Si! xx #picknmix

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    It’s looking great. My hubby would love the shed Si is building, he built his own too but we were limited on space so he’s had to make do with the bikes all being in there too. It makes such a difference having a useable space outside, decking our yard was the best thing we ever did.

  • Sarah@teammomlife

    Wow it sounds like you all have put a lot of time and effort into it and I think it will definitely show. We have been working on ours slowly but surely as well. It’s hard to find the time but hopefully by next summer our plans will be finished. Good Luck!#picknmix

  • Maria

    Wow the stone wall looks amazing! As does the concrete shed. Si has been busy! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished! #PicknMix

  • Silly Mummy

    That sounds like it’ll be great when it’s done! I don’t tend to be too keen on the actual process of sorting out big practical things like gardens – just want to get to the end result! #picknmix

  • Swanky Pixels - Web Design

    Looks quite a project, any more photos of the progress, I used to do garden design and landscaping! be careful on making the decking really dark like the fence, hard to put back and the dark colour will make the space look smaller. Love the walling looks a labour of love :-)

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