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Do you use either Genielocker or Amazon wish lists? I hadn’t done either until recently, when the lovely Donna at What The Redhead Said made me become very unproductive by introducing me to Amazon wish lists.

If you aren’t careful, you can lose hours of your day just dreamily popping more things on to your wish list on either of these sites. Materialistic I know, but funnily enough there isn’t a site where I can add a cure for Type 1 Diabetes or World peace to my wish list and even if there is, I can’t see anyone that I know being able to afford to ‘buy’ them.


genielocker and amazon


The whole concept of a wish list seems brilliant to me, as someone who hates the idea of buying a gift someone won’t like and as someone who is often asked what they’d like for a present.

The beauty of these gift lists are, that you can still keep the element of surprise. So long as you make your gift list very long (believe me so easy to do), then you won’t notice when something disappears off of your list because someone has ordered it for you. By making your list extra long as well, you are unlikely to remember everything on your list, so there is most definitely still the surprise factor.

For me it’s like window shopping and showing Si everything I love without actually having to have him there – he LOVES shopping… for tools and things to keep tools in….

I know he loves to have help with choosing what to buy for me, as in the last year he has sneakily checked my blog gift guides for inspiration on what to buy for me. It’s lucky I’m an honest blogger and only add things to my guides that I personally love ha!

I’m trying to convince him to create his own wish lists as on my Amazon there is already Harley’s Wish List, Finley’s Wish List and my wish list. I also have my own genielocker wish list,¬†which is a site I’ve discovered recently. Considering how hard men are to buy for, I think they should all be made to make these wish lists themselves to help us out. Apparently if Screwfix did a wish list Simon would have one.

Both genielocker and Amazon have wish lists that are very easy to set up, and have links that are easy to share with whoever you choose to send them to. Amazon wishlists can even be found by searching for someone’s email address and if they don’t have a wishlist and you really have no idea what to buy for them, you can send them an email through Amazon to suggest they start one.

I love the fact that on both sites, you can also copy and paste the url of an item you want to add to your lists from any website. So if you like to support local businesses who have websites, you can select things from them to add to your list as well. I love finding new

If you use Chrome browser to access the internet, then Amazon and genielocker even have extensions that you can add to your tool bar, so that you can add items from random sites with just a click of a button!

Genielocker also offer you inspiration, by letting you see items that other people have added in their ‘gift ideas’ section, so that you can add them as well if you like. My genielocker list is still a fun work in progress, but I’ve added a few things I’ve spotted that others have added, that I may not have found otherwise.


genielocker gift ideas


I wish I’d discovered online wish lists a long time ago, not only have I had a lot of fun ‘window’ shopping this week, but also it’s Harley’s birthday next month and I did most of his birthday present shopping in one hit from his Amazon list. I now know I have ordered him the things he wants the most.

Do you use online wish lists?

Stevie x

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  1. 30 January 2016 / 10:15 am

    I use Amazon wish lists for birthday & Christmas stuff. They’re great! x

    • 30 January 2016 / 8:45 pm

      Definitely are, it made it so easy for Harley’s birthday this time! I’m enjoying having a play around with genielocker too :)

      Stevie x

  2. 30 January 2016 / 5:41 pm

    I’ve had a wishlist running for a few years now and my other half, parents and everyone else use it to buy me things for Birthdays, Christmas etc. it’s so much easier than trying to think on the spot of things I might want.

    I’ve also ran a few blog competitions where my winners get a ‘surprise’ where I’ve asked for their wishlist so I can pick something lovely that I can be sure they want

    • 30 January 2016 / 8:47 pm

      Aw what a lovely way to run a competition, as they get a surprise still too :)

      Stevie x