Autumn trees Cardinham woods
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Geocaching at Cardinham Woods Bodmin


One of the perks of homeschooling my teenager now, is that I get a lot more time with him and we get to choose what we work on learning each day. Recently we chose to spend a day geocaching, which we treated as our ‘PE’ lesson, a chance to learn a bit more about nature and the chance to have a bit of fun together.


Autumn trees Cardinham woods


We popped to Cardinham woods with Si’s Mum for a long walk and to attempt geocaching for the first time using the Geocaching app. If you’ve not heard of geocaching before (where have you been?!) then basically it’s a bit like a treasure hunt, except often the treasure is just a log book to log your visit in and the feeling of a sense of achievement.


You can read a better explanation on the Geocaching official website, there are geocaches to find all over the world!


geocaching app screenshot


The app helps to take you to the caches using GPS and there are hints to read as well. If you have smaller children with you who might not find geocaching as exciting, there’s a The Highway Rat activity trail to do at Cardinham Woods and lots of beautiful woods and streams to explore there. There’s also a children’s play area and gorgeous cafe there too right by the car park. We love it there.


highway rat activity trail


Gorgeous Cardinham Woods Bodmin


It’s especially beautiful at Cardinham Woods at this time of year with all the autumn colours everywhere. Lots of the woods is wheelchair and pushchair accessible and there are also less accessible trails that you can divert onto if you fancy some more off track exploring. Some of these are also cycle trails, which considering how steep some of them are is probably a lot of fun if you’re into off road biking.


Cardinham woods water and bridge


Unfortunately our first attempt at geocaching was a bit of a fail, as we struggled to find the cache and then didn’t have any phone signal to load the clue up on the app.. novice mistake.


Cardinham Woods stream


It was still really fun though and slightly hilarious watching the teen trying to find his way back up from a steep bit we helped and encouraged him to climb down. Plus for possibly the first time ever, my son walked for hours without moaning or asking when we’d be heading back. He loved geocaching, in fact we’re off out again today to see if we can actually find one this time! Crossed fingers, I’ll let you know how it goes!


Geocaching in Cardinham Woods


Even if we don’t find any though, I am just loving his company and getting outside lots for fresh air, exercise and lots of laughing.


Stevie x

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