Geocaching Take Two


I wrote the other day about our first attempt at geocaching, which didn’t go especially well even if it was a lot of fun! Well we decided to try again.


This time we went for a walk closer to come on the clay trails here in St Austell, we went around Baal Pit an old clay pit, which meant we had some pretty views for our walk and geocaching.


clay trails view St Austell geocaching


I was pretty disgusted with how much dog mess was everywhere towards the beginning of the trail though – seriously people bag it or at least use a stick and knock it out of the path. I felt sorry for the couple of people I saw pushing pushchairs, as it must have been hard to avoid it with the wheels..eww.


Anyway, our second attempt at geocaching went much better than the first, we actually managed to find three of them and get them logged in the Geocaching app! One of them was a nano cache, which means it was basically tiny as you can see from the photo of it in my son’s hand below!


nano tiny geocache


Absolutely tiny, they only just managed to fit a log to sign in there and it was relatively tricky to find too. I won’t say where we found any of the caches, as a huge¬† bit of the fun is solving the mystery yourself and you aren’t supposed to let ‘muggles’ (I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I love that that’s what they call non geocachers ha!) know where caches are, as some people are a bit naughty and take them or move them just for a bit of mean fun.


I added a keyring to one of the caches for someone to swap for another item, I didn’t take any ‘swaps’ myself as none of them appealed, but I liked leaving something knowing that someone would enjoy finding a new ‘treasure’ whilst they were geocaching.


Geocaching in the claytrails St Austell


At one point we were in the bushes and someone walking by thought I was having a wee – keeping it classy as always, which set us all off laughing. Most of the time though, we managed to hide what we were doing from people and I quite enjoy the slightly ‘sneaky’ aspect of geocaching. I’m not quite ready to dress in full on camouflaged clothing ha, but we will definitely be doing more geocaching.


It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise with the teen now he’s being homeschooled and it’s just a lot of fun.


Stevie x



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