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Getting Bikini Ready with Remescar Stretch Mark Cream!

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It’s almost that time of year again, the time of year when I feel like I need to get bikini ready, but I also usually feel I will never be bikini ready. I’m a Mum to two boys, my weight has yo-yoed over the years, I have stretch marks and quite frankly I haven’t looked after myself as well as I possibly could have.


That sounds like such a miserable depressing statement, but in all honesty although my stretch marks bother me at times, mostly I feel proud that my body has carried two children, and I would never undo that.


However as proud as I am of the role my body has played, that doesn’t mean that I don’t strive to make the best of myself, and to get to the same level of confidence as the lovely Vicki I do feel that I need a little help.


I’ve been reviewing Remescar Stretch Mark cream recently, and to be honest I approached it with a lot of scepticism. I have tried so many creams and oils over the years to try and make my stretch marks disappear or at least look less obvious, they have all either failed or I’ve given up possibly too soon.


Remescar stretch marks cream


The problem is some of them were time-consuming, as they needed time to soak in, meaning I had to leave enough time to ‘air dry’ myself so that I didn’t either ruin my clothes, or end up with damp patches. The Remescar cream is different, it dries really quickly, it’s not oily and it takes literally seconds to apply, which means I may actually stick to doing it.


I could blather on for ages about the texture and appearance of the cream, but I’ll cut right to the point of what you’ve clicked through to know…does it work?! The answer to that is that it hasn’t made my ten-year old stretch marks disappear, I’m not going to lie and say it has just because I was sent this cream for free. I’m an honest blogger and always will be.


However it works for me. It works in the sense that it has improved the texture of my skin, I can no longer feel some of my deepest stretch marks so much, and looking in the mirror I can see less stretch marks.


This isn’t because they’ve magically disappeared and new skin has grown, sorry but that fairytale won’t be happening any time soon! I can see less in the mirror, because my skin is better hydrated, smoother to the touch and actually looks healthier. Weirdly or fantastically itĀ seems to have ‘plumped’ out and not in an ‘eaten too much for tea and wishing I had elasticated trousers on’ way!


The impact it has had on my very old stretch marks makes me wish I’d had it when my stretch marks first appeared, or to use before as a preventative method. If you want to buy Remescar stretch mark cream to try and improve your stretch marks, then it’s available from AmazonĀ and Boots, but if you want to 100% get rid of your stretch marks then I’m afraid a time machine or a magic wand may be your best options!


The improved feel and texture of my skin has given me the confidence I need to get back in my bikini this year. I have nothing to feel ashamed about in the stretch marks on my body, and I highly doubt I’ll be the only one on the beach or in the pool with them.


I think I need to stop being so tough on myself about my appearance, and whilst I will always make an effort where I can, I will be embracing the body that bore me two amazing little men more from now on.


Stevie x


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  • Pickinguptoys

    Oooh can’t say I’ve ever noticed this anywhere!I tried all sorts on all 3 of my pregnancies and found them too greasy so would be interesting to see if this would be better.And Honest Mum’s pic was fab wasn’t it!How brave is she?! x

  • acornishmum

    She is very brave and I wish I had half the confidence!! Remescar is definitely the best one I’ve found lovely, like I said I doubt it will get rid of them completely, but mine look a lot better after only week of using it, and I can’t actually believe how nice my skin now feels, and the smaller ones on my tummy aren’t visible unless you really look now which I’m thrilled about! If you do get some let me know how you get on with it :)

    Stevie xx

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