Getting ready for Camp With Lifeventure

Getting Ready For School Camp with Lifeventure

In July my youngest is off on school camp. It isn’t the first camp he has been on but this camp means that H will be away for five days.


Getting ready for Camp With Lifeventure


This will be the longest I have ever been away from either of my children and I suspect I need more adjusting to the idea than he does! As I mentioned in my recent premature empty nest syndrome post, my boys are becoming more independent all the time, now that they are getting more grown up.

He is going away on his brother’s birthday, which is the only bit he isn’t impressed by, but I have promised we’ll do his brother’s main birthday celebrations the day before so that he doesn’t miss out. We’ve then had to promise F that he can have a pizza takeaway delivered on his birthday because of this – this camp could prove to be expensive for me in more than one way!

The camp is weeks away, but we have started making sure we have some of the bits and pieces (huge amount of things) he will need for sleeping in a tent away from home.

He already has a sleeping bag from when we went camping ourselves – the tent leaked in the night, everything that bit took a liking to me and H, and I fell out of a caravan awning when drunk…. so a complete success.

There are some items we still need to find, but a couple of items we needed have kindly been sent to us by Lifeventure for review. The first thing we have been sent, was an item that is definitely an essential for any camping trip – a bag big enough to fit everything he needs to take in. Five days worth of clothes, a sleeping bag and lots of contraband sneaky sweets (ssh don’t tell the school) in addition to various other bits and bobs, take up a lot of room.

Luckily the 120L Expedition Wheelie Duffle bag that Lifeventure has sent us is more than up to the job. The ‘wheelie’ part will come in handy as well to save him lugging everything around too much, and means that I have the bag eyed up for future family holidays as well.

The duffle bag is very large and looks and feels high quality, so I feel reassured that even if it rains on camp and they have a leaky tent that his clean clothes and other ‘essentials’ will stay dry – highly likely as one of the nights they’ll be sleeping in shelters that they make themselves….

Since it will be used on a camp site that is likely to be muddy we chose the dark coloured bag, but they have some gorgeous colour option on there of red, purple and more.


Photo obviously from the Lifeventure website.


You can hold the bag either by the handles in the middle for carrying, by the handle at the top for wheeling around or by using the shoulder strap to carry it. Considering the bag isn’t much smaller than he is, I suspect whilst he uses it he will just be wheeling it, although if he tries to carry it I may have to take a photograph for my own amusement. The bag in this size costs £49.99, they have other sizes on the site as well.

The second handy item for H is a Lifeventure Trek Towel in a size large, which is supposed to absorb 9 times its own weight in water, have special polygiene odour control technology and dry 8 times faster than a conventional towel. This is £14.99 for the size we were sent.


Trek Towel


I’ve taken it to the beach in the last week to test it out and I have to say it is fab! Size wise an adult would want a bigger size for modesty, but for H it is the perfect size. Our version is in a size large, but they do make a size extra-large and a giant size, so I’d suggest one of these sizes for adults who want to wrap it around themselves.

It really does dry very quickly and it packs away in a little bag that is handbag sized. Perfect for taking on camp to dry yourself when you wash – who bets it stays in the bottom of his bag though?!

After camp, this little beauty is going to go in the glove box of my car so that we always have a handy towel at the ready. The number of times that we have had an impromptu visit to the beach and the boys have insisted on jumping in to the sea fully clothed is ridiculous, so I like the fact we’ll now actually have something on standby to help us out and protect my poor car.

I was sent one more item from Lifeventure, but this one wasn’t for Harley or his camp it was for me.


Lifeventure thermal


I am now the owner of a very attractive looking blue Flip-top Thermal Mug. I can now take coffee or hot chocolate where ever I like and drink it hot. I ‘worked’ from the beach a couple of times this week – honestly I did intend to work – and loved having a cuppa with me. It is also going to be perfect for later in the year when I start having to watch after school football in the freezing cold again!

I was worried I would have to write a bad review for the cup when I first opened it as I pointed out to Si what I thought was a design flaw, that the top when flipped up was in the way…. until he pointed out to me I didn’t have it open fully. If you buy one of these cups and think the same, don’t be afraid to push it a bit harder to open it, as the last part is a bit stiff at first.

I love the thermal mug and actually think they could be marketed to parents of young children – imagine even with toddlers or a baby having your cuppa stay warm til you want to drink it? The little locking bit when you close the cup means they couldn’t spill it either, it fell upside down in my bag on the way to the beach and not a single drop was spilled! Perfect.

At £14.99 I think this is a bargain and it will keep drinks hot for three hours and cold drinks cold for seven hours. I will be moving on to the cold drinks when we have our beautifully hot summer – ssh it may happen!

Thank you Lifeventure for helping us to get camp ready – physically, emotionally it may take me some time… We really liked everything that we were sent and it was all top quality.

If you want to check Lifeventure out for yourself, pop to the Lifeventure website.


Stevie x

*I was sent the items in this post for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions as ever though are my own and honest*

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