Getting Summer Ready with vouchercloud


When you hear the phrase ‘getting summer ready’ you usually think of all the adverts aimed at women for them to lose weight, get a tan, look their best etc. It means something different in this house of teen and tween boys though.


Getting summer ready with vouchercloud


In this house getting summer ready is all about buying the boys new clothes, since they always grow a ridiculous amount between each summer season. Not just any clothes though, I choose a specific type of clothing where possible to save my own sanity.


Sports clothes, especially football kits and training tops are my go to for the boys’ summer wardrobe. Partly because they both like that sort of clothing, but also because they are the quickest to get washed and dried. Plus most importantly they don’t need ironing.


The boys spend so much time outside playing football, playing in the woods, doing silly things such as trying to jump streams and ending up covered in mud from head to toe, or having water fights that soak everything they’re wearing. This means that especially during the summer months, my washing pile is ridiculous. It reminds me of when they were both babies and toddlers, with several changes of clothes during each day.


Pentewan - St Austell - Cornwall


With sports clothing I can have their clothes washed, dried within half an hour in the sun and ready to go again. In fact I might even start hiding their summer clothes that do always need to be ironed… it is worth a try right?! If I had to iron every change of clothes that they got dirty in the summer months, I would be spending most of my days ironing. That is definitely not happening.


The only downside to the boys’ taste in clothes these days, is that the sports clothes they like aren’t cheap. Especially not the sorts of trainers that they are also into.


Nike Trainers - A Cornish Mum


Well in fact nothing they like these days seems to be cheap. I’m a bargain hunter at heart though and it is very rare that I pay full price for anything.


When it comes to the boys’ summer clothes, I’ll be checking vouchercloud to see what vouchers they have available for JD Sports and other online shops before I do my shopping. We use vouchercloud all the time to find discount codes for our online shopping, from takeaways to booking a hotel, I check if there’s a voucher code available first. I mean why pay more if you don’t have to?!


Do you try specifically to buy clothing that you don’t need to iron or is it just me?


Stevie x

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  1. 4 June 2018 / 8:42 pm

    Such a good idea about the voucher codes, I need to do that for Libby’s birthday. She’s a real sports clothes fan too and I hardly ever iron!