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The Good Old Unsocial Media


Before I started blogging, I wasn’t on social media at all. Which possibly seems very odd to most people in this day and age. Sometimes I think wistfully of those days.


Social Media - Unsocial media


You see in my happy little Cornish bubble down here, I was blissfully unaware of just how vile people can be to each other online. I thought naively that horrible people were just online trolls and in the minority. The social media side of the internet seems to have changed a lot in the years that I wasn’t on it. It seems to bring the worst out in many people.


The more time I spend on social media the more I see it as unsocial media. Where people go and get angry over what other people are doing and saying. Where people can visit the sweetest nicest happy news story and find a reason why it angers them. A reason why their opinion is more important than everyone else’s and why everything seems to anger them.


People also seem to make everything so personal, the most random things apparently make them feel angry or sad. The most important part is the ‘them’ part. There are those that seem to lurk in every corner of the Internet, just waiting for someone to post something that they can take offence at.


People are cruel to each other, there are those who seem to think posting a photo of an overweight person on to social media with some funny caption is okay. Hell, it’s a stranger it isn’t like they’ll ever know is it?!


By the way WWW stands for the WORLD WIDE web. Whatever you post it goes out there, it isn’t private. Also once it’s out there, there’s no way of getting it back and destroying the evidence that it ever happened. Screenshots happen a lot more quickly than your pang of conscience and hit of the delete button.


I’ve actually seen a tweet this week that got someone sacked from their job, as they were picking on someone’s appearance. Karma.


So unless you really are the sort of person to go up to an overweight person and say whatever smart Alec caption you thought of … then it isn’t okay to say it online. The chances are they’ll see it, but even if they didn’t, mocking the way someone looks – it’s just not very nice.


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate everything about social media. I have seen some incredible kindness on there. Such as when the family with their Autistic son were desperate for a specific cup, as it was the only one he would drink out of and social media provided and then some. I loved seeing how many people came forward and offered cups, how many shared in the hope of helping and the end result.


I love seeing photos of people’s new babies and watching videos of their first steps. I love nosing at what’s going on in people’s lives. I love the support that I do see people showing each other during good and bad times.


I just wish the good more outweighed the bad, in fact I wish the good squashed the bad mean things until they disappeared. Lately especially, I see so much anger and arguing. So much hate, bullying and more. I want to see more kindness, heck I want to see more cat gifs, funny videos and idiot proof recipes videos for those completely lacking culinary skills like me. Maybe Pinterest is more my sort of social media, I’m not sure that I care that this makes me sound old!


I think possibly a whole chunk of the online world could do with being sent for anger management classes, some should possibly have their keyboard rights removed for their own sanity and others should be forced to play with kittens and look at videos of baby animals until they feel vaguely calm and ready to face the world again.


Ickle baby kitten


What do you think, are there more angry people in the World now or have the angry people just got more free time to post and comment everywhere you look?



Stevie x


  • Gail

    Ah, I agree – social media can get a bit nasty. I tend to focus on Instagram where I’ve never seen too much of that, and keep Twitter and Facebook to a minimum (Facebook really just for my blog and keeping up with family stuff). You’re right – people shouldn’t say things they wouldn’t say in person. And even if they would say it aloud, as they old saying goes – if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all :) xx

  • Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    My husband came off Facebook about 6 years ago and doesn’t miss it. It got to the point where he hated friends posting cryptic status that were clearly directed at certain people. It can be a really sad place and to be honest at times SM has made me really sad and I don’t think it’s a healthy place. I love Instagram as I really just scroll through the pretty pictures x

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