#strongertogether With Hallmark and the Justice League itty bittys


To celebrate the release of Justice League at cinemas on 17th November, Hallmark sent us a special box of goodies, including some ridiculously cute itty bittys!


itty bittys box


Hallmark have launched their own superhero team of itty bittys ready for Justice League. Are you going to watch the film? We definitely are and can’t wait – we’re big superhero fans in this house.


Hallmark actually managed to send some of our very favourite heroes – Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman! I mean seriously how cute are they?!


Justice League itty bittys - our favourites


We were also sent the rest of our superhero itty bitty squad as pictured below – Flash, Bat Girl, Superman, Batman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. All strong epic superheroes who are #strongertogether.


Justice League itty bittys


I love the Hallmark range of cards to celebrate the film and superheroes in general. One of the Batman cards even has a removable mask inside for the lucky child receiving it to take out and wear.


Hallmark cards


Along with the itty bitty cuteness and the cards, Hallmark also sent us some capes, felt and crafty bits to design our own family superhero logo badge and cape. We chose a fish design for our logo, which may not seem the obvious superhero choice. However, fishing is something that we all enjoy doing together and being by the sea is something that we all love. Plus like Dory, we just keep swimming – we don’t give up.


fish badge


I may be finding glitter all over the house for ages after making the badge and cape but, it was worth it as the boys enjoyed messing around making something with me. It was the first time in ages that we’d done anything vaguely crafty – they are getting so grown up so quickly it’s a bit scary!




Hallmark say that we are all #strongertogether just like the Justice League when all of our favourite superheroes work together. It’s true in our house, we are all very different people in so many ways. But, what we all have in common is that we look after each other, we’re there for each other and we’re happiest together.


I especially feel like Si and I are stronger together, as much as he drives me up the wall at times, he really is my rock. The one who has sat up all night beside hospital beds with me when my eldest has been really ill. He’s the one who makes me laugh when I actually wanted to cry and he is the most amazing role model for the boys. I probably don’t say it often enough to him but, I would be lost without him – we all would.


Slushy stuff over – eek I can’t wait to watch the film next week when we’re off to the cinema!!


Stevie x


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