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Halloween and the YouTube Generation

From people dabbing to children wanting to record themselves opening their new toys, YouTube has had a huge effect on the current generation of children and teenagers. Some good, some not so good, but now it’s affecting Halloween.


Halloween in Cornwall - A Cornish Mum


I sound like I’m about to launch into a post about why YouTube must be stopped, make the placards, ban it ban it… but erm no. I actually love YouTube, it’s so handy and often very entertaining.


So how exactly is YouTube messing with Halloween? Well, listening to my children and their friends discuss their ‘fancy dress’ outfits for Trick or Treating and most of their ideas seem to centre around their favourite YouTube stars.


Seriously… Where are the werewolves, the vampires and the zombies?! Where are the cute little witches and devils with tails. Plus unless they knock on only the doors where people have Tweens/Teens themselves… who on earth is going to know that they’re actually dressed up and aren’t just really badly (in my opinion, but I’m too old to be allowed one apparently) dressed?


Please please tell me that some of your children are still keen to dress up in actual costumes and maybe even vaguely scary ones?! Although, that being said if they intend to dress up as the clown from IT, please feel free to keep them away from my door arghhh. I’d prefer a Logan or Jake Paul costume to a scary clown any day.


If you haven’t heard of Logan and Jake Paul… don’t google it in case your child sees and they too get dragged into wanting to buy all their merchandise … or ‘merch’ as they all seem to call it and listen to their music non stop. Seriously, teenagers are apparently too lazy now to form a whole word let alone a whole sentence.


I am suddenly feeling very old… Happy Halloween for later this month, maybe I’ll dress as a YouTube thumbs down and scare them all?!


Stevie x


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