Halloween at The Eden Project

We’ve been to The Eden Project near St Austell (Cornwall) today, for their Halloween activities. We live very near to Eden, so it took us about five minutes to drive there.

If you go in to Eden through the entrance we do, then they usually put you in the top car park during busy times like half term. This means we were ‘at Eden’ as we were in their car park, but in actual fact about a mile away from the main site. Since it was dry I made the boys walk there, it’s all down hill after all.

You can actually catch a bus down and back up if you want to, which we did do on the way back up partly because it was all uphill, but also because it was tipping it down when we were leaving.

Eden does different events at different times of the year, but my favourite time of year there has to be autumn. You can see why below.

autumn at Eden

There’s just something so beautiful about the colours in nature at this time of year, and Cornwall is looking more beautiful than ever.¬†Eden had Halloween decorations in all sorts of places as we walked around, they really do make the effort with special events.

On arrival both of the boys were given a little sparkly bag with a card inside and a test tube. This was to help us find our way around the different potion stations, so that we could make our very own potion in the tubes. A seriously cute idea, but I did wonder if the boys would think they were too old for such things now. Luckily not, they loved it.

Eden Halloween

The potion stations were in two of the biomes, and in the special Wishcraft tent. The Wishcraft tent was our favourite area at the Eden Project today by far, as there was a puppet show in there, pumpkin carving, a giant cauldron, and where they got to choose what potion it was they were making.

They both chose a speed potion to make them faster runners, despite a little teasing from me about whether they wanted a love potion.

Eden Wishcraft

Once we’d collected and made our potions, we also made a ‘wand’, which was made out of pipe cleaners, and was actually a bubble blowing wand, as the potion was essentially coloured glittery bubble mixture….I mean a real magical potion!

We had a lot of fun looking around the rest of Eden as well, it was really busy being half term but luckily not crazily so.

Eden Cornwall

We had a brilliant time, and if I had a little bit more of a sense of balance (or any sense of balance) then I may have been tempted by the ice skating, the rink always looks so pretty.

Ice Skating at Eden

The Eden Projects Halloween events are on all week, I definitely recommend it for a fun family day out. For information of opening times and ticket prices, pop to Eden’s website. If you’re looking for other Halloween or other type of events in Cornwall during autumn, then pop to my What’s On in Cornwall – autumn post.

Stevie x

*I was not asked to write this post, nor was I paid to do so. I did receive free entry to Eden, but that was to write a different post for another company’s blog*



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