Happy St Pirans Day: Scone Baking


Happy St Piran’s Day! – Gool Peran Lowen! To celebrate St Piran’s Day I decided to tick something off of my bucket list and bake some scones.


mixing bowl


Here’s how I made the scones….


Ingredients For Scones:


225g self raising flour

1 pinch salt

50g cold butter, cut into pieces

25g caster sugar

50g sultanas (optional)

120ml milk, plus extra for brushing


The recipe I used came from All Recipes so click that link if you want to see the recipe I followed.


**I was gifted the cake stand below to include in this post**

Scones on a slate cake stand


I was pleasantly surprised with how my first attempt at scones went, even though they didn’t rise as much as I wanted – apparently I should add a teaspoon of baking powder next time. They tasted amazing and of course I had them jam first, you know the Cornish way aka the ‘right’ way.


Jam First inscription


The slate cake stand came from the Mother’s Day section of The Personalised Gift Shop. In the spirit of St. Piran’s Day I asked them to personalise it with ‘Jam First’ and ‘Onen Hag Oll’ and they did a beautiful job. I can oil the slate to make it shiny, but I prefer the rustic slate look, it’s just like coasters that I already own.


onen hag oll inscription


It really is a lovely cake stand and the personalisation makes me love it even more. I’m hoping my next attempt at scones results in bigger fluffier scones, does anyone have any tips on how to make them more like that?


Keeping with the Cornish theme I think my next attempt at learning to cook something new will be Cornish pasties. I have eaten plenty of pasties in my time… sometimes even for breakfast ha! I haven’t however ever tried to make them myself and my eldest is desperate to try to make some too. Hopefully I can find a fool proof recipe, as I am most definitely not an expert in the kitchen.


Stevie x


Scone baking from a recipe for St Piran's Day

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  1. 5 March 2019 / 9:25 am

    Yum! Those scones look so good. Well done.
    You’re right, it’s always jam first them cream. hehehe