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Heart Shaped Table Lamp by ValueLights

I was very lucky recently to be made an Ambassador for ValueLights, which means that I will be showing you some of their products over the coming months and will hopefully have some offers and competitions to share with you as well. Today I’m reviewing their Heart Shaped Table Lamp that they were lovely enough to send me recently.

I was really impressed when I opened the package and saw my lovely new table lamp.


I chose this lamp because it fits in with the colour scheme of our lounge, and goes well with my ‘home’ ornament. This ornament was under £5 to buy, but is one of my favourite decorative items, and I think the lamp goes really well with it.

I love my new lamp, it’s pretty and of a really good quality considering it sells for less than £15! It’s really rather bright when you turn it on, and with the heart shape it has quite a romantic feel to it. Perfect for  a bedside cabinet.

The only small thing I would say isn’t perfect on it, is that it’s a little awkward to get the bulb in to because of the design and small gap to squeeze your hand in to. Luckily I have small hands so managed okay, and if not I would have asked one of the boys to do it. It’s not impossible to do at all though, and the look of the lamp after you add the bulb is well worth it.

Valuelights Heart

After receiving this lamp and seeing how little it costs, I can definitely see why the company has the word ‘value’ in it’s name. I love my light, and I am really looking forward to working with the company more and sharing some of that with you.

Stevie x

*I was sent this light for the process of a fair review, and this and my future connection with Valuelights has not made a difference to my opinions or thoughts in this post*

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