Heligan in Bloom


I have been to The Lost Gardens of Heligan many times now, but I have never seen them looking quite as beautiful as they do right now.


Dahlias Flowers at The Lost Gardens of Heligan


Lost Gardens of Heligan blooming


I buy myself a local’s pass to the gardens every year and although I visit quite a lot, this week was the first time I had been for a couple of months and I was surprised by how much had changed. For a start there were flowers everywhere, so many more than I have ever seen there. The whole place was just so colourful.


Lost Gardens of Heligan flower and bee


I love that there were lots of bees everywhere because of all the flowers. Proper big fluffy happy looking bees, after reading so much about their decline it was lovely to see so many. I suspect they are loving the huge choice of flowers to choose from there.


Lost Gardens yellow flowers


There are a huge amount of different types of Dahlias in the gardens at the moment, way more than I ever imagined existed! Heligan have a display with lots in jars with their names on them.


Dahlias Heligan


Polventon Peach Heligan Gardens


Dahlias at Heligan


There was lots of greenery in the greenhouses too and Heligan also has a pumpkin patch full of pumpkins of all different sizes, shapes and colours. There were some ridiculously huge ones, which I didn’t take photos of, because there were a few German tourists who obviously couldn’t understand the keep on the path and don’t touch the pumpkins signs… as they were sitting on them to pose for photos. It did make us laugh.


I’ll definitely get some photos next time I go though, as it is bound to be soon.


Heligan Gardens greenhouse


Pumpkins at Lost Gardens of Heligan


At The Lost Gardens of Heligan they’ve added in new paths and separated off parts of their fields/paddocks so that now you can walk up to get a lot closer to the pigs and horses. This is such a great idea, as before if the animals in that field went to the far end, you couldn’t really see them.


Heligan Pigs


It was also so nice to see the geese, chicken and ducks outside. To protect them earlier in the year from illness they all had to be kept indoors for ages. How gorgeous is the grass-covered bird house/ geese cabin?! It looks like their should be a hobbit living inside.


geese cabin Heligan


The Kneehigh Asylum tent is still up at Heligan with shows carrying on in the evenings and some afternoons throughout September. With all the lights strung up through the gardens for the evenings, I bet they look beautiful when people head there to watch a show.


Asylum at Heligan


Other positive changes at The Lost Gardens of Heligan include the new changing places toilet, to make the site even more accessible. We didn’t get around to walking in a lot of the woods or the jungle, but next time we will and I’ll let you know if anything else has changed!


I love Heligan and I am so glad that they do a local’s pass, so that I can afford to visit a lot.


Stevie x




Heligan in Bloom - The Lost Gardens of Heligan Cornwall


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  1. 10 September 2018 / 10:09 pm

    Oh, this looks beautiful. I would love to visit Heligan one day. I particularly love the yellow flowers.