Hello Lovely People Pleased To Meet You!

So this is my very first ever blog on my .com website, having previously been at acornishmum.blogspot.co.uk!


Firstly I want to introduce myself, I’m Stevie (Stephanie!) , a 31 year old stay at home Mum to 2 lovely (mostly when they want something!) boys and partner to the lovely Si. I live in Cornwall, as the blog title may have hinted at, and I love taking photos everywhere that I go, so they will feature throughout the blog.




One of my boys has Type 1 Diabetes, and in parts of this blog I intend to offer advice (in a non medic completely my own opinion way) to other parents who may be going through struggles we already have gone through. However, just as being a Type 1 Diabetic does not define who my son is a person, it will also only be a part of this blog. I do hope I can help though in any way.


I also intend to let you know what places and events in Cornwall are definitely worth a visit, whether you’re a local or a holiday maker.When we go on holidays around the UK, I will also let you know my views on other places as well! I may review products that my family come across occasionally, and this also will be completely my own opinion, and I will clearly state whether I have been given an item for review. Sometimes this may include books, as I am an avid reader.


I’m a fun loving Mum who would do anything for her boys, and LOVES the County I was born and bred in! Feel free to contact me, I’m friendly honest!


Feel free to follow me on twitter @stevie_couch

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