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    My Dream Bathroom with SuperBath

    I’ve written before about our bathroom renovation and how much I love the way it turned out. However whilst doing it, we were restricted by the fact that our bathroom is tiny. SuperBath recently asked me what my dream bathroom would be like.

  • Bedroom makeover wishlist
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    My Bedroom Makeover Wish List

    I love the bedroom we have at the moment, but we need to switch rooms with the boys at some point and I’ve been having fun making a House of Fraser wish list of how I want my new room to look.

  • The Day That
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    Memories with The Day That…

    Recently a fabulous company called ‘The Day That’ contacted me and asked whether I would like to review a framed photograph for them. I took one look at the The Day That website and knew straight away that I had to say yes.

  • Valuelights
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    Heart Shaped Table Lamp by ValueLights

    I was very lucky recently to be made an Ambassador for ValueLights, which means that I will be showing you some of their products over the coming months and will hopefully have some offers and competitions to share with you as well. Today I’m reviewing…

  • shed after
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    Garden Makeover – garden tools and more tools.

    We’ve spent a lot of time over the years renovating our home, which was a bit of a disgusting wreck when Si bought it over 5 years ago. Inside we keep thinking we’ve finished, but then we decide to do things such as bedroom swaps…

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    Our DIY Bathroom Before and After.

      I’ve mentioned on here before, that before we moved in to our house it was a disgusting hovel, the previous owners even having left their partly cooked chicken dippers in the dirtiest kitchen I’d ever seen. Pop over to our DIY kitchen post if…

  • Duvet Covers
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    Bedroom Swap – Duvet Covers Inspiration.

    I love redecorating, and despite having worked very hard to get our bedroom exactly as we want it, I’m actually pretty excited that we have to undo some of this work. Our bedroom was not a pretty sight before we moved in (post coming soon…

  • Daffodils - acornishmum.com
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    The Truth – Spring Cleaning

    Emergency Spring Cleaning.   My post today is dedicated to the gorgeous and wonderful Maz who is not only my best friend, but one of the few people I allow a complete insight into the weird way my brain works!   We laugh over ridiculous…